The sky is blue, the sun is shining, it’s the start of a brand new day, full of opportunity – and you can’t enjoy a moment of it, because you woke up with such a bad crick in your neck that you can barely move.  Does this sound like a familiar story?  If morning neck and back pain is a common occurrence, then it’s time for you to invest in Memory Foam pillows.

As we rest, we oftentimes end up in positions that place too much pressure on a specific area of the body, causing sore joints and muscle aches.  The head and neck region is particularly prone to stiffness and soreness.  Selecting the right pillow can alleviate this pain, leading to deeper, more comfortable sleep and a feeling of invigoration upon waking.

Memory Foam is one of the best materials for this purpose.

Originally designed for astronauts enduring high-G take-offs and landings on their missions into space, Memory Foam is uniquely designed to provide contoured support and avoid pressure points.  As you rest, your pillow will shape itself to your weight and specific body position, cradling you gently for a great night’s sleep.

Memory Foam also provides more circulation than other pillow fillings, even high-quality stuffing such as down.  This means that the pillow stays fresher longer, and that heat is more evenly distributed overnight.  If you often wake feeling overly warm or stuffy, Memory Foam is an excellent choice for you.

Memory Foam offers a variety of thicknesses which determine the quality and price of the pillows.  While mattresses come in recommended weights of more than five pounds per cubic foot, a density of around four feet usually results in a pillow that is firm without being hard.
For a pillow that provides comfortable support and a sound night’s sleep, Memory Foam is hard to beat.  You won’t believe how much difference a pillow can make until you try it.

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