Some of the prettiest comforters come as part of full baby bedding sets. These ensure a good match of colors and can give a very co-ordinated look to the crib.

If you choose a bedding set, check if you can buy an extra set of matching sheets at the same time. That way, you can always have one in the crib and one in the wash and the crib will always look perfect!

Take a look at some adorable baby bedding sets, including comforters from:

Lambs & Ivy, CoCalo, Sumersault , Laura Ashley, Kimberley Brant, Patch Kraft ,Bananafish, Picci and Baby Martex…….just for starters!

Choosing Comforter Fillings


Polyester filling is the easiest for laundering – and with babies there’s always a lot of that! Polyester also keeps its’ shape and fluffiness. Cotton batting is also available but it tends to be flatter than polyester and can bunch up leaving bare spots where the filling has shifted.

Whichever filling you choose, make sure that the comforter is quilted with large stitches to hold that filling in place. Large stitches don’t cut the filling and therefore it won’t bunch-up when the comforter is washed.

Goose Down and Egyptian Cotton

For pure luxury, you could choose a white goose down comforter. White goose down is just the purest, fluffiest white down – with no gray feathers or quills. A 350 count Egyptian Cotton Cover helps to regulate the warmth of this luxurious comforter.


You could consider silk – it’s 100% natural and non-allergenic. It’s also lightweight, hardwearing, easy to launder and is the silkiest fabric for your baby’s soft skin. Silk is also very versatile – it’s cool in summer and warm in winter. Silk comforters may have pure silk or 100% cotton covers.


Wool is another natural product that is non-allergenic, soft and hardwearing and is less expensive than pure silk. If you want to buy organic, choose a comforter that has an organic cotton cover.

Wool also ‘wicks’ moisture away from the skin, helping to keep an even body temperature.

You could try an All Seasons comforter from New Zealand. This is actually two comforters – a 200 gram one for warmer weather and a 300 gram one for when it’s cooler. For ultimate warmth when the temperature really drops, combine the two for the coziest sleep.


Comforter sizes vary but generally they are wider and shorter than the crib mattress – so if the quilt doesn’t cover the whole length of the crib, don’t worry that you’ve bought the wrong size…this is normal!

Enjoy Your Baby Bedding

As long as you follow the simple safety rules, there is no reason why your baby shouldn’t have the best-dressed crib. And once they are old enough to keep themselves safe, they can enjoy the snuggly warmth of their comforter – it won’t be long…those early months fly by!

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