So you’ve been inspired by your favorite magazine or home decorating television channel to invigorate the look of your bedroom. Knowing that your bedding will be a focal point of your finished room, you take a lot of time to plan out your final look, from the pattern of the bed skirts to the material in your comforter. You spend hundreds of dollars ordering each element of your bedding, and you can’t wait to see the final result. You tear the boxes open, gleefully make your bed, and stand back to view the final result – and immediately wish you had bought a bed in a bag

Even for careful designers, it’s easy to make mistakes when putting together a bedding ensemble. Shades of color can be subtly different from how they looked online, material can have a different sheen or feel than you expected, patterns can be different than you remembered. With just a little bit of bad luck, you can go from the elegant, tied-together look that you were expecting to a jumble of contradicting hues and styles.

This is why bedding ensembles have become so popular today. Each element, from pillow shams to bed skirts, have been professionally designed to blend together and enhance the overall beauty of your bedding. You won’t have to worry about carrying swatches of fabric around with you to be certain that you aren’t making a mistake that will haunt you later.

If you want to go beyond just your bedding, some companies offer Bedrooms in a Bag as well. These sets include not only bedding but other bedroom elements as well, such as window treatments, table rounds, and lamp shades. This is an easy way to completely revolutionize the look and feel of your bedroom.

Best of all, bedding ensembles and Bedrooms in a Bag often times offer a healthy discount over buying each individual element separately. Not only can you have a room that is guaranteed to look great, but you can save money doing it as well!

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