Once you’ve chosen new sheets and a comforter set for your bedroom, complete the makeover with a matching or contrasting bed skirt and dust ruffle in solid bold colors or patterns.

Like all bedding, bed skirts are available in an extensive range of fabrics and designs, and in all sizes to fit King, Queen, twin, children’s and toddlers’ beds and babies cribs.

If you have an odd sized bed, you might consider having a bed skirt custom order to fit.

And if you have a bed that is higher than usual a bed skirt can be purchased in longer lengths to suit the additional height.

Give your bed a complete look by adding a bedskirt in a pleated, gathered or ruffled style. If you like ruffles then why not try extra ruffling to get a fuller appearance. For an attractive effect, why not use two contrasting bedskirts of different lengths, to give your bedding an attractive layered look. Box pleated skirts give a very chic an tailored look to the bed.

Apart from the full bed skirt which is available to fit all bed sizes, you can attach them by affixing Velcro closure strips to the box base and pressing the bed skirt into place.

Some comforters have a ruffled or box pleat skirt already attached.

As with all your bedding, check the thread count to ensure you are getting the quality you require.

And just think of the stuff you can hide under the bed and no one will know the difference when it is all hidden under an attractive skirt.

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