The comfort of resting your back against a body pillow when you go to bed at night is nearly indescribable. At almost five feet in length, they are designed to support your entire body, your arms, or your legs. You can lie entirely on top of one, or merely drape an arm or leg over it to achieve the utmost in positioning.

People suffering with the pain of arthritic joints sometimes have a difficult time finding a comfortable position. With arthritis attacking any joint in the body, and usually multiple joints, there are times when even the slightest movement causes extreme pain.

Trying to keep two or more regular sized pillows positioned for comfort is nearly impossible under the best of circumstances. The added difficulty of trying to do so when movement causes new experiences in pain makes it almost unthinkable. The need to keep only one body pillow correctly positioned eases some of that hassle.

During that time of pregnancy when it is so hard to find a comfortable position in which to sleep, they are also invaluable. In fact there are even some body pillows made especially for use during pregnancy.

Maybe you just want to feel warm and surrounded by softness. Look no farther than the body pillow. You can position one along your back, at your side or even use two and have a nice cozy nest between them. The possibilities are many.

Cover them with your favorite colors, position them on your bed, or hug them while watching sad movies; body pillows are versatile, soft, and comfy. Every bed needs at least one!

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