Camouflage bedding is the perfect addition to a bedroom for boys who like to walk on the wild side. Whether their fascination is with GI Joe and Jeeps or they fancy themselves a hunter seeking big game, this can set the tone for a whole room! Many boys go through a stage where this would be an appropriate theme for a room.

Setup can be as simple as painting the walls a neutral shade, and setting it off with camo curtains and bedding choices. If you really want to get down and dirty, try using a faux effect on the walls to pick up on the camouflage pattern. Add some utilitarian shelving, and all his gear can be kept in order.

Girls like camo too – and with pink versions springing up, daddy’s little GI Jane can enjoy her own version of jungle fever. Alternately, consider the traditional green and tan version topped by a solid bedspread trimmed with white eyelet for a more feminine look. Don’t forget; you can use accessories like lamps, camp chairs and a folding table to add to the effect!

can be used for grownups, too. Combined with a heavy, contrasting rug and a few tasteful pictures of far away places on the wall, the look can be fun and edgy. You can brighten the room with innovative lighting.

Don’t cross camouflage off of your list of possible bedding choices. There are a dozen ways you can implement this fun design into nearly any household. You might be surprised at how good it can make your bed look!

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