What child doesn’t want to have bedding that depicts their favorite television or movie character? With character bedding, you can make one of your child’s dreams come true. Imagine the look of pleasant surprise when your little one goes to crawl into bed and finds Sponge Bob Square Pants or My Little Pony.

Decorating a child’s room around a favorite character can be loads of fun for both of you. With your little one helping, you can pick out their favorite character and go from there. Let them help with things like choosing a toy box or shelves for their often-used treasures.

Would your little girl like a rug to go with her Dora the Explorer bed sheets? Perhaps a matching lampshade would be to her liking. Would your son like to display an end loader to compliment his Bob the Builder bedding? There are certain elements of this project where your child’s input can be most useful.

Painting walls and adding window treatments might be something you want to do. Matching pillowcases and a bedspread can seem like the final touch. To heighten the rooms appeal for your kids, you can always put up pictures and posters of their favorite characters.

Remember there will be times when you need to change the character bedding. You want all of the characters that go on the bed to look as comfortable and at home in the room as the first one. To achieve this, think either neutral color or multi-color when you paint.

The big smile of appreciation and delight on your child’s face when seeing their new character filled room for the first time will be worth every bit of effort you put into the project!

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