The great thing about Disney bedding is that there are so many choices for both boys and girls alike. Since Disney characters have been around for a very long time, this type of bedding never goes out of style. The characters are so brilliant that this bedding will work with any type of furnishings and wall colors.

There are characters that will work for both boys and girls, such as Mickey Mouse. However, there are many adults who collect Mickey Mouse, and many retailers even manufacture Mickey Mouse bedding for adults!

For babies, Winnie the Pooh is a very popular choice. Pooh’s colors make for some very desirable pastel bedding. However, some of the other characters from that show, mainly Tigger, make it into bedrooms of all ages. Tigger bedding is an excellent accompaniment for eclectic orange décor.

For little girls the Little Mermaid seems to be the most popular Disney bedding, available the most adorable pink and purple shades. If you are looking to compliment a fairy theme, you can’t go wrong with Tinkerbell. For princess lovers, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty or Snow White bedding will be sure to light up your little girl’s dreams.

For little boys the adorable 102 Dalmatians will make a welcome addition. There are also many popular car themes available, such as Lightning McQueen and bedding with prints from Cars The Movie.

For a unisex approach you can try Lion King bedding which goes well with neutral, as well as bright or pastel tones. With so many choices available, you really can’t go wrong with the Disney brand, and Disney bedding makes for excellent gifts!

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