Flannel and flannelette sheets are wonderful for babies as they are so soft.  They can also help babies to have a good nights’ sleep as it keeps their backs warm.  This is especially relevant with the advice that babies should always sleep on their backs and with the minimum of covering – to help prevent SIDS.

Flannel is hardwearing and washes well which is essential with a new baby!  It’s also warm in winter and cool in summer.

People who live in colder climates have known about the great warming qualities of flannel for a long time!  That’s why lumberjacks are known for their flannel shirts!

Choosing flannel crib sheets

The best ones to go for are fitted as this ensures that the baby sleeps on smooth fabric and isn’t going to get tangled up in it during the night.  This is another recommendation to help prevent SIDS.

For even more softness and purity next to your baby’s skin – you could consider organic flannel baby bedding which has not been bleached or anywhere near chemicals.  These are generally more expensive than regular flannel or flannelette but if your baby has eczema, asthma or allergies, they would be worth the extra cost.

Buying crib sheets in flannel is easy with the internet.  They come in crib, cradle, portable bed and bassinet sizes.  And there are so many different colors and designs available that the only problem is which ones to choose!

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