Come on in – the water’s fine!

If you are lucky enough to live in Hawaii, that phrase counts for you year round. However, most of us aren’t that fortunate. What better way to bring in eternal tropics into our bedrooms than by Hawaiian bedding? Even babies can have their own tropical theme!

For baby girls, you can try the adorable Hawaiian sets. They usually sport a bright pink border, and a pastel green outline frames a tropical floral print in matching shades. For an even brighter look, there are sets that feature white flowers on a fuchsia background.

For toddlers, why not try some bedding with a tropical punch theme. This type of bedding can actually be unisex, as it sports a lot of green plants with feather prints on a neutral background. For a brighter approach Laguna type bedding will be the way to go. Lots and lots of floral prints in pink, aqua and gold keep your toddler’s room bright and cheery.

Don’t worry, little boys need not be left out. A crisp, white Hibiscus design on a navy background will look divine. Another wonderful option for boys and girls is a pitter patter traditional Hawaiian design with a quilt pattern of palm trees and ocean scenes alternating on white.

If this has you anticipating what is out there for adults, you won’t be disappointed. Tropical prints with island palms and blooms in rich shades of red and yellow will have you looking forward to bedtime. Or, you can be pleasantly lulled to sleep by surf prints on blue or pink backgrounds. Let your imagination take flight!

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