Is your teen girl more Marilyn Manson than Marilyn Monroe?  

You might be fearful that buying bedding for your teen daugher is not going to be the fun experience it once was.  The good news is that there are some fantastic designs out there for teen girls and choosing teen bedding together could be a ‘bonding’ experience…well, we can live in hope!

Teenage girls have very definite ideas about what they like and don’t like – so it’s not a good idea to buy anything until you’ve run it past her.  Better still, get her to show you what she likes!  Even the most funky and way out designs are so beautifully made and presented that you may be surprised!

Keep it light!

One thing that you can be sure of with teenage girls is that they change their mind all the time!  What she absolutely loved last week will be gross this week!  For that reason, it’s a good idea to keep the walls and carpet of the bedroom light and neutral and just ring the changes with her bedding.

Another good reason for keeping the décor light is that it has been shown to promote good emotional health and balance – and let’s face it, once those hormones hit, you need all the help you can get!

Stuck for a gift?

Having a neutral backdrop can help in other ways too.  Many teens can be difficult to buy gifts for, but a ‘bed in a bag’ is a great concept and would make a lovely present.  It allows the teen to give their bedroom a whole new look every time the linen is changed!  Most bed in a bag sets contain a comforter, bed skirt and pillow shams.  Some include sheets as well – just check before you buy (or advise anyone else to buy!).  The sets come in every design imaginable from Zebra stripes and Giraffe prints to retro designs or muted Victoriana.

Don’t forget to check that whatever you buy is easily washable as teenage girls love to lie on the bed putting make-up on and accidents do happen!

Some ideas to inspire you!

Tied dyed comforters, bed skirts, shams, sheets and accent pillows are so pretty and yet wild enough for any teen! Some have raised color-matching soutache embroidery and come in aqua, pink or purple.  You could buy a matching set, or mix and match the colors, for many different looks!

If you prefer traditional patchwork but your daughter wants something more modern, a great compromise would be the Pink Parisian Paisley and patchwork bed set from Pottery Barn.  French style is big in all house décor at the moment so your teen may love it in her bedroom!
A clean, bold design is the Pop Flowers Collection from Isaac Mizrahi.  This stunning bed set features giant photo-quality flowers on a plain white background.

Is your teen all grown-up but still crazy on horses?  Show her the Giddy up Bedding in soft pinks and lavenders, with a lovely quilted comforter featuring horses.

If that’s not funky enough for her, how about some Hot Pink Dots bedding, which has prints of hot pink flamingos, pink poodles and deco black and pink dots!  You can choose one pattern and have the whole bedding set in that – or mix and match.  Whichever you choose, it looks great and very pink!

Check out the kids’ bedding section too!  You may think that characters like Betty Boop, Barbie and Hello Kitty are too young for your daughter now – but these have cult status among teens!  Find out what she really likes!

If your girl is into vintage chic, how about a Thrift Shop Hippie Chick bedding set?  This is subtly pretty with mismatched, faded prints that are all the same color tone.

Even Amazon are in on the bedding market now – and they’ve chosen well with a lovely Roxy duvet cover.  This could be used on a duvet or a comforter and is easy to remove and wash.
While you’re searching, don’t forget eBay!  There are always brand new bargains to be had and your teen will love the excitement of bidding for her new bedding.

Bring out the designer in her!

One way to be sure of getting exactly what you want is to have the bedding custom made! Artistic Sensations was started by a Mum who couldn’t find what she was looking for when she came to decorate her own children’s rooms.

The company sells a sumptuously beautiful velvet and satin patchwork bedding set.  It can be bought ‘as seen’ or you can choose up to eight fabrics for the patchwork, the reverse fabric and even the piping!  Fabrics to choose from include Fuzzy furs in different patterns – Tiger, Cow, Cheetah etc and a large selection of plain and embossed satins and velvets.  The finished bedding is machine washable.

Make your daughter’s bedding truly unique by letting her design her own!

Deep breaths!

Try not to get too fraught with the bedding-buying!  There will be plenty of designs that you both love so it’s just a case of choosing which one!

You daughter’s bedroom will be beautiful – even if she doesn’t let you in once it’s finished!

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