Decorating a bedroom is easy. You just need a few pieces of furniture to turn a bare bones room into a cozy place to while away a weekend in bed. So how to choose furniture for your bedroom? Start shopping!

Chest of drawers: a chest of drawers is a great organizational piece of furniture. It’s a tall cabinet that has different sized drawers for everything from big bulky sweaters to small drawers for socks.
Armoire: If you want a more classic look then an armoire or wardrobe is a wonderful choice. An armoire holds your hanging items such as suits and dresses. It’s a bulky piece best used in larger rooms.

Nightstand: Nightstands are great for every bedroom. You can find them in every shape and size to suit your bedroom décor. They go from a dainty spindle table to a heavy oak cabinet with doors and drawers.

Vanity: A vanity works as a corner piece in large bedrooms. These typically have a bench and seat with a lighted mirror. A vanity works as a cozy nook to put on make up in the morning.

Lights: A floor lamp can add a bit of style to the room as well. There are tons of options around. A floor lamp can help brighten up the corners in any bedroom.

Hamper: No bedroom is complete without a clothes hamper. It’s a much nicer place to stick your dirty clothes than just a laundry basket on the floor. Having a hamper will keep the room neat and tidy.

Bed: Obviously the bed is the biggest piece of furniture in any bedroom. It’s a pretty easy choice. Just pick a bed that doesn’t overpower and crowd in the entire room.

These are only a few of the furniture choices available when choosing bedroom furniture. Just pick a style you like and a few key pieces and you’re set.

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