Sending your comforters and large bedding to the dry cleaners is not only costly, but it is also a hassle.  Carrying loads of bedding to the cleaners takes a good amount of your precious time, and leaves you short of bedding while the job is being done.  Isn’t there a better way?  Here are some tips for how to clean comforters and other large blankets at home.

The first thing to do when determining how to wash your comforters is to check the materials that were used in its construction.  The most delicate material is the one that will determine whether you need to have your bedding professionally cleaned or not.  Some quilts, for example, will be stitched of washable and non-washable fabric, which can cause alarming shrinkage if improperly handled.

Another important factor when deciding how to clean your blankets is the condition of your bedding.  Even washable quilts and down comforters should be professionally handled if the stitching is coming loose or the material is starting to look threadbare.

If the comforter material looks washable but you fear that the colors might run, test a small and inconspicuous patch on the underside of the blanket to see if it is colorfast.  Mix a small amount of detergent with water and dampen the section of your comforter that you have chosen to test.  Use a piece of white scrap cloth to blot the dampened area and see if any of the colors run.

If you have decided that your comforter is machine washable, use a gentle cycle to prevent damage to your coverlet.  Hang after washing to avoid damage from the harsh heat of your dryer.

Another option that avoids the dry cleaner and the dangers of a machine wash is to clean your comforters by hand.  You can use your bathtub for oversized blankets, and dry them on a clothesline.

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