How would you like to sleep in a soft, cozy bed and wake up with the bottom sheet still smooth and taut?  If you get some extra deep fitted flannel sheets, you can!

Our Love / Hate Relationship with Fitted Sheets

Fitted sheets – people either love them or loathe them!  One of the main reasons that women don’t buy them is because they always look such a mess in the linen closet.  It doesn’t seem to matter how carefully you try to fold them – they always look as if they’ve just been shoved in there any old how…frustrating!

How to Fold a Fitted Sheet

These instructions are for someone who is right-handed.  If you are left-handed, just reverse them.

This is easiest to do, standing up.

1. Hold the sheet at the shorter edge.
2. Turn the sheet inside out and put one hand into each short edge corner.
3. Bring your right hand over to your left and envelop the left corner with the right one.
4. Keep holding these two corners while you continue.
5. Reach down and pick up the corner that will be hanging in front of you.
6. Bring it up and envelop it over the two corners already in your left hand.
7. Reach down and pick up the last corner and envelop it over the other three, with its’ right side showing.
8. Now lay the folded sheet on a flat surface (table or floor) and begin to straighten it.
9. Fold the two rounded edges in to the middle so that the elasticized edges are hidden.
10. Now fold the sheet into a rectangle.
11. Continue folding until the sheet is the size that you want it to be.

Who Invented Fitted Sheets?

Have you ever wondered how fitted sheets came about?  In the late 1980’s, a Canadian lady called Gisele Jubinville was watching a news item on the TV about fitted sheets that just wouldn’t stay put on the mattress.  Realizing that many women shared her frustration at having to continuously tuck sheets in (even supposedly ‘fitted’ sheets), Gisele set about designing a better version.

After sewing hundreds of versions, she finally came up with the fitted sheet that we know today.  Even though it was such a good design, she had a problem getting it patented.  She borrowed $16,000 and was still turned down three times.  Eventually, she took a miniature mattress to the patent office and demonstrated ‘her’ sheet.  The examiner agreed that it was a great design and she was given the patent in 1990.

Gisele tried making and selling her own sheets but couldn’t compete with giant manufacturers so in 1993, she sold her patent for one million dollars, to sheet manufacturers, Springs Industries Inc…not a lot really, when you think how many fitted sheets are made today!

Why We Need Extra Deep Fitted Sheets

Over the years, mattresses have got deeper and deeper.  The design featuring pillow-topping has become extremely popular and is wonderfully comfortable but adds to the depth.  Regular fitted sheets can’t cope and so a new industry has sprung up to make extra deep ones.  If you’ve been fighting with your bedding, get some sheets that can take your mattress and end that frustration!

Make sure that you measure the depth of your mattress before you buy, as there are several different depths available.

Choose Flannel for Extra Warmth

Just imagine snuggling into a bed with smooth, flannel sheets, flannel pillow cases and a flannel comforter – could you be any more cozy?  Extra deep sheets are now available in every fabric and flannel is one of the best.

Advantages of flannel bedding

– Washes extremely well
– Gets softer with every wash
– Is very durable
– Warm in winter and cool in summer

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