If you have recently done a bedroom renovation, you have likely changed out all of your bedding to create a new and attractive sleep area.

When you first put that new bedding set on and look at the room, you may feel almost a love for the beauty of this space. But then you start thinking about what will happen over time. As you wash and use the bedding, it is going to lose that beautiful new look, isn’t it?

Now is the time to prepare and think ahead so you can prolong the life of that bedding and keep it looking like new.

Follow the Washing Instructions

The first thing to think of is watching the washing instructions. Depending on what they are made of, different types of bedding can have a number of different instructions for how to wash them. You always need to remember that no two pieces of bedding are exactly the same. Read the instructions that came with the bedding and make sure to follow them completely to prolong the life of your bedding.

Protect the Bedding

One of the reasons bedding stops looking like new is that there are things running against it or pulling on it. Think about all the things that your bedding puts up with. If you have a cat, perhaps your cat likes to sometimes dig his claws into the bedding. It only takes a couple times of connecting with the bedding for you to start to see runs and frays. Even calloused feet rubbing back and forth against your sheets can cause this type of irritation to the fibers in the bedding. Try to think about the types of things that could damage the material and protect the bedding from those threats.

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