To touch micro-suede bedding is to fall in love with its wonderful softness. Once this has happened, you’ll want nothing more than to surround yourself with its warmth and beauty.

Micro-suede comes in assorted colors to accommodate a multitude of tastes. Many of the colors are in the earth-tone family and those that aren’t supply a gentle blend of compatible shades. This creates a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere in any bedroom, and promotes restful sleep.

Sometimes pillow shams are included and occasionally a throw pillow, but most often micro-suede bedding is sold as a single comforter. If you are doing a bedroom makeover and want to go with a professional flair, look for some of the matching micro-suede curtain panels that are often available.

This fabric that feels so silken against your skin is found in sizes to fit most beds. There should be no problem finding the size you need. By supplementing your comforter with matching bed skirt and sheets, and adding several throw pillows, you can create whatever look you desire. Don’t forget you can match and contrast colors. This makes decorating easier and more exciting.

With the addition of a plush rug and several understated paintings, you can design a bedroom worthy of any decorating magazine. Don’t be afraid to experiment and try your ideas. Bright and cheery accents might be what you are looking for rather than gentle earth-tones.

Your decorating options are many, and you‘ll find micro-suede bedding is a wonderful point from which to begin. When you are finished, though, you will no doubt find yourself taking a few minutes to simply stroke your comforter.

What is Micro suede?

Micro suede is a manmade polyester fabric that is comprised of very fine fibers woven tightly together to create a dense fabric which is soft and pliable.
Often used in furnishings because of its resistance to dirt and its durability, it is ideal when made into curtains and bedding because of its wrinkle and stain resistant properties.

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