Nearly all children like Big Bird, Elmo, and the Cookie Monster. Sesame Street bedding is the ideal treat for your little Sesame Street fans. Waking up in the morning to find this group of favorite characters sharing their bed can make a day start out great for any child!

To go along with the bedding, there are numerous Sesame Street accessories to help make decorating your child’s room fun and easy. You can put up a wall border of the Sesame Street neighborhood, a poster of Elmo, or place a group of room appliqués on the wall. A Snuffleupagus light switch is also something you may want to consider installing.

Use a garbage can similar to Oscar’s in place of a clothes hamper. Your child lifts the lid to look for Oscar, then drops in her or his clothes real quick before Oscar comes grumbling out! What fun an Oscar the Grouch clothes hamper would be for even the youngest kids as they learn to put their dirty clothes somewhere besides on the floor.

Any child would like a Sesame Street blanket to snuggle with during naptime. Not only can you get sheet sets and spreads, there are plush blankets, comforters, pillow shams, and throws. All of them have the characters your child loves.

Sesame Street isn’t only fun for your kids; it’s one of the few shows to make entertainment educational. Decorating with colored numbers and letters on the wall is a way of continuing the educational aspect. A desk for writing practice would be a nice addition, too.

A room decorated around Sesame Street bedding will be a wonderful addition to any child’s life. They will find going to bed at night much more fun with their Sesame Street friends there waiting.

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