Silk is cool in summer, warm in winter and naturally hypoallergenic, making it a popular choice for bedding.  It can’t be beaten for softness or shine and is undeniably luxurious!
Here are some of the types of silk that you may come across when searching for a silk comforter bedding set:

Charmeuse Silk has a beautiful sheen but is most often used for clothing and only occasionally for bedding.

Dupioni Silk is usually woven with two different colors of thread which lets the colr change and shimmer in different lights.  Dupioni silk covers have a low shine and a slightly rougher texture than other silks but the iridescent colors make it a popular choice.

Fuji Silk is soft, lustrous and doesn’t wrinkle so it’s ideal for bedspreads and comforter covers.
Habutai Silk wrinkles the least of all silks and is used for the most expensive bedding.  It’s often a natural, off-white color.  ‘Habutai’ is Japanese for ‘as soft as down’!

Silk is not just used for the cover – it can also be used for filling a comforter.  This gives a supple and lightweight comforter which is not as puffed up as a down one, but is equally as warm.

High quality comforters are often filled with mulberry silk.  This means that the silkworms have only been fed on mulberry leaves and they spin a long silk fiber which is heavier than other silk.  When used as a filling, these threads are left as fibers and are not woven.  Because of their weight and shape, they are less inclined to shift inside the cover than other fillings.

Caring for a Silk Comforter

Most need dry cleaning but some are machine washable – check the label.  Keep it out of direct sun as sunlight will eventually break down the silk fibers and cause the color to fade.

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