Star Wars bedding pays tribute to one of the all time great movie trilogies. What child (or adult, for that matter) Star Wars fan wouldn’t like having their bedroom made over around a Star Wars theme?

There are a variety of quilt, comforters, throws and pillows that feature characters and scenes from the movies. Consider using a comforter with a dark blue background, it presents the illusion of traveling through space. Add coordinating sheets and accessories and you have created a bedroom theme that will be loved by any Star Wars fan.

There are multitudes of choices including Darth Vader wall decorations. You can collect sheet sets, pillow shams, and of course quilts and comforters. Why limit yourself to only one with so many choices available?

Consider painting the ceiling of the bedroom dark blue or black and adding glow in the dark stars. Make the walls clear sky blue in color to give the impression of drifting off into nothingness. This way you can transport your little (and big) kids right into space.

Star Wars bedding was extremely popular when it was first released and there is just as much of  a demand for it today. You can now include replicas of the original sheets in your current collection. Surprise your big Star Wars fan with sheets similar to the ones from your own childhood and let him use them today.

Your choices when looking for Star Wars bedding are many. Every fan has a favorite character or scene. Which will thrill your child? Will it be scenes of light saber duels?

Remake your child’s bedroom following a theme inspired by Star Wars then watch the delighted looks and listen to the happy laughter as they play in outer space.

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