Does the very thought of azure blue waters, warm white sands, and lush tropical flowers make you feel more relaxed?  Do you wish that you could escape from your everyday life and spend more time sipping outrageously colored drinks under the warm equatorial sun?  Even if you can’t spend as much time on vacation as you would like, you can still bring the relaxed atmosphere and wild beauty of the ocean and jungle in your own home, with tropical bedding.

Bedding that captures the unique beauty of the tropics is far different from the more standard pastel florals that are found in many comforter designs.  Imagine a bright orangey-red comforter accented by pillows boasting green palm leaves and red hibiscus flowers.  Top off the look with a striped bed ruffle that picks up the greens, reds, and khakis of your jungle theme.

If the ocean calls to you more strongly than the jungle does, you can pair a dreamy turquoise blue comforter with decorative pillows that reflect the colors of sand and sun.  A pillow shaped like a beach ball will round out the look while adding a fun flair to your room decor.
Are you dreaming of a trip to Hawaii?  Pair a raffia grass bed skirt with a coral-colored comforter and seashell-shaped cushions, and say ”aloha“ every time you walk into your bedroom.

To enhance the tropical feel in your bedroom, select furniture and accents made of beautiful rattan, bamboo, or wicker.  Paired with striking bedding, wicker furnishings will make you feel like you are ready to step out onto the beach, even in the dead of winter.

While you probably can’t whisk yourself away to the tropics every time you need a break from the everyday, you can create an oasis of comfort and serenity in your home with the bedding and furniture choices that you make.  With just a touch of creativity, you can bring the tropics home with you.

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