There was a time when blue was used primarily to dress up a boys bedroom and in particular a baby boy’s nursery room.  But blue is not just for baby boys anymore, although that is still a lovely tradition.

Nowadays you can use blue bedding to compliment a myriad of themes. Soft blues are soothing and restful, and the perfect way to have your little lad go to bed – and sleep like a baby. If your favorite color happens to be blue, you have a lot of choices when it comes to blue nursery bedding.

Blue is also a good choice for dorm rooms. There are many manufacturers who cater specifically to the college crowd. AA comforter set in denim blue not only  looks great in any dorm room it is also very durable.

Darker shades of blue are often the staple color for ‘locker room’ bedding too – this is bedding with all of your favorite sports teams logos. Some of those popular sports teams include Duke (Blue Devils) and the Dallas Cowboys. Then there are those adolescent NASCAR fans who love bedding that features their popular drivers such as Jimmie Johnson, Rusty Wallace, and Jeff Gordon. These portraits are often featured on a blue background.

For adults who want a traditional look you can’t go wrong with a blue and tan striped set. This type of blue bedding also works well for people who are selling homes and need to stage their bedrooms as it’s a very classy look.

For a European flair with a soft look try a floral French Country theme in blue. If the ocean is more to your liking, blue seashells and water related themes or fishes will have you counting sheep in no time.

The wonderful thing about blue is that it’s such a versatile color. It plays well with others, and can blend with any color to present a peaceful oasis in a tumultuous household!



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