Everything You Need to Know About Blankets

In many areas of the world, blankets aren’t just an extra layer of warmth on your bed – they’re part of history and culture.

Blankets have always played a huge part in the life of Native Americans.  They were used for shelter, carrying babies, to pay off debts, to show gratitude and to display status. To this day, blankets are given to celebrate births and marriages.  The dead are often buried in their blankets.

Long before white settlers moved in, Native Americans used blankets as a trade for other goods.  Most of their early blankets were made from buffalo hides and so when the buffalo were killed in such vast numbers, the Plains Indians had to get their blankets from traders.

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A Bit of History

The Woollen Mills

The Hudson Bay Company blankets were thick, striped and made in England.  In 1896 Pendleton Woolen Mills in Oregon, USA became the only mill founded to produce woollen blankets that were solely for trade.  These were very intricately detailed, featuring stripes, blocks, rectangles and crosses.

In 1901, the Jacquard Loom began production and this allowed the mills to create much more intricate designs, including zig-zags.

Witney Blankets in the UK

Witney in Oxfordshire, England was recorded in the Doomesday Book of 1086 (a form of ‘census’) as having two mills – both used for corn.  By 1277, there was a cloth mill established.  By the end of the Middle Ages (late 1400’s) Witney was a thriving market town with a blanket and glove making industry.

By 1677 Witney blankets were highly esteemed and in 1711 the Blanket makers formed a Guild which was granted a charter by Queen Anne.  In 1721 the Blanket Hall was built, which still stands today.

Witney sadly closed the doors of its’ last blanket mill in 2002.