The Pike Street Fall Garden Quilted Bedspread comes in three different sizes to fit full, queen, or king sized beds.

A light cream color, this quilted bedspread is accented with a dainty floral print, embroidery and Vermicelli stitching.

Though the bedspread seems fragile, it is described as being machine washable and easy to care for. This is because it is made from 100% cotton and filled with 220 gram cotton batting

Although the price of the quilt depends on what size you buy, all three bedspreads generally sell for less than $300 and compliment other bedding, such as pillow cases to match it.

Through our research, we found that a whopping 100 percent of those who reviewed the bedspread on gave it four or five stars.

Many customers were very impressed with the design and feel as though the product they received after ordering it online was exactly what they had wanted and expected. Those who had had trouble in the past finding quilted bedspreads to fit their larger-sized beds were pleased that the quilt was oversized and not only comfortable, but looked nice on a made bed as well.

Though the Pike Street Fall Garden quilted bedspread is a bit pricey, customers believe that the price is worth the quality of the product.

According to many consumers, the embroidery holds up well and the stitching is very high quality so the quilt is incredibly durable.

The only negative comment we found in our research was that the bedspread was packaged so tightly in plastic that it smelt bad when it arrived. However, customers found that after they ran the quilt through the wash a couple times, the smell was gone and the bedspread was still as beautiful, soft and durable as it was before the wash.

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