sunbeam-dynasty-retreat-quilted-fleece-pattern-heated-blanketAn electric blanket is a great way to save on heating costs during those cold winter nights. Why heat the entire house when an affordable electric blanket can keep you toasty warm instead? Here are some of the things to consider when buying an electric blanket.

Safety: Never buy a blanket that doesn’t have an Underwriters Laboratories (UL) tag. This tag means the blanket has passed rigorous testing and is safe for consumer use. It will be fire retardant as well as resistant to electrical shock. Your safety is the most important thing

Design: The type of blanket you choose is solely up to you. They come in all shapes and sizes with a myriad of features. If you have back problems, a mattress pad type might be just right for you. These go under the sheets and keep the bed itself warm. Another great way to save energy is to get an electric blanket that has an auto shut off feature. Once you drift off to sleep it turns itself off saving even more on energy costs. Another great feature is temperature control. Better model electric blankets will have a thermostat that allows you to control just how toasty you want to be.

Material: Electric blankets can be made of any material. If you want to stay super warm then wool is the right choice for you. If you just need something to take the chill off, look for cotton or flannel. An electric blanket can be found to match any bedroom décor

These are just a few things to consider when purchasing your new electric blanket. Whatever your choice you’ll be snuggled up warm and cozy on those long winter nights, and saving money on heating bills at the same time.

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