1200-thread-count-hungarian-goose-down-comforterIf you are looking for warmth during the cooler months you may want to consider the Royal Velvet Majestic Gold 1200-Thread-Count Hungarian White Goose Down Comforter.

Almost everyone who have purchased this comforter mentioned just how warm and comfortable it is.

Quite a few mentioned that they are cutting energy costs by being able to simply turn down the thermostat at night and sleep comfortably under what they consider to be a hotel quality comforter.

A few of the same reviewers even say they can open a window in the middle of winter, and don’t fight with bedmates over the covers anymore.

Most  think that the baffle box construction does a good job keeping the feathers evenly distributed  although some  found that their comforter continually lost its feathers and did not  hold its shape.  Even those who were unhappy with the loss of feathers decided to deal with the loss of down as the comforter is so warm and soft.

Several reviewers with past experience of feather down comforters said they automatically went ahead and put a duvet cover over the top of it to keep it cleaner anyway, so that the shedding issue wouldn’t come up at all. They also experienced no shifting of the feathers in the baffle boxes. The warranty on the comforter is only honored if it is kept in a duvet, as one reviewer pointed out, so using one is a good idea.

Overall, the four star rating this comforter gets seems deserved. All those who use it with the recommended duvet cover have nothing but good things to say, and the complaints about down escaping or feathers shifting to the edges are no more than for other comparable products.

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