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boppy-pillow-wedgeHeartburn, middle-of-the-night bathroom breaks, and just plain being uncomfortable make getting a good night sleep the most elusive part of pregnancy. The Boppy Pregnancy Wedge with Cotton Slipcover
is the expectant mom’s best friend. By providing support to growing mid-section, the rest-weary woman will finally be able to get the precious rest she needs.

Crafted from dense yet comfy foam, the Boppy Pregnancy Wedge provides support to an expanding belly. When sleeping in the left side-sleeping position, which is recommended during pregnancy to take pressure off vital organs and arteries, the Boppy is a must-have! Other users have reported using this pregnancy pillow under the head, for lumbar support along the back, or propping under the knees when reclining.

A soft slipcover fashioned from a quality 360 thread-count Pima cotton is provided and can be easily removed and tossed in the washer and dryer. For those with allergies, a standard sized allergy barrier pillowcase can be purchased separately and slipped over the Boppy Pregnancy Wedge.

Unlike unwieldy body pillows that end up hogging the whole bed, the Boppy Pregnancy Pillow is a great bed companion and easy to move back and forth for those who switch sleep positions during the night. Some users who prefer a “squishier” pillow have reported that this sleep wedge is a bit too hard for their liking, so keep this in mind.

Very economically priced, the Bobby Pregnancy Wedge is worth a try if you are having any trouble at all getting the sleep you need at night.

And once the baby is born, it makes a great arm prop when you are sitting down to nurse your little one.

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Opinions on the Serta 4-Pound Molded Memory Foam Pillow (standard shape) seem to fluctuate, along with the price, and this item ranks anywhere from 1 to 5 stars. The most constant observation seems to be that this item is firm instead of soft. Most saw this as a positive factor. The amount of support given was a good fit for nearly all those surveyed with only one exception.

The positive reviewers understood that 4 pounds means firm, and suggested to others who want a softer one, to go with a lighter version (2-3 pounds). These same reviewers also were satisfied with the level of comfort, and stated that despite the firmness it does not feel as hard as a brick when comparing it to other similar memory pillows. The best comments actually come from reviewers who purchased this item as gifts.

One thing the reviewers could agree on is that the new foam smell, which is customary for this type of product, does not linger too long. A couple of people had experience with other support serta-4pound-molded-memory-foam-pillowpillows, and preferred this one. Opinions however vary on the support issue. About half of the people said it offers enough support in the head and neck area, while the other half thought it did not.

The only negative reviewer expected this pillow to mold around her head and neck, which she said did not and even kept her from enjoying a good night’s rest.

However, even with opinions and reviews all over the board, this product still ranks solidly, with a combined average of 4 out of 5 stars.

Features of the Serta Molded Memory Foam Pillow:

  • This pillow is designed with comfort and luxury in mind
  • Molded in a traditional shape, this pillow is designed to support your head no matter what your sleeping style
  • Memory foam responds the individual’s body heat and weight to minimize pressure points and provide additional support.
  • The  zippered velor cover gives the final touch of luxury, and it can be removed for easy cleaning
  • The Hypoallergenic and Anti-Microbial formulation promotes a healthy night’s sleep

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nautica-eastbourne-plaid-comforterThe Nautica Eastbourne Plaid Comforter is an attractive new edition to the Nautica collection.

The comforter has khaki, classic red and and blue stripes and it coordinates nicely with the Nautica  Cape Plaid sheet set.

Having a medium weight, the comforter keeps you cozy and warm without smothering the sleeper. There are no reports of the filling thinning out, or bunching up in spots throughout the comforter. This is an excellent start, as many other comforters have faced these issues in design and craftsmanship.

Besides being functional, this comforter is also pleasing to the eyes. Reviewers like the khaki color, which pulled together the look of their bedroom nicely. The color is very steadfast, and there haven’t been any reports of fading or color loss after washing.

This comforter is also quite long, covering the whole length of the bed and dusting the floor which guarantees that sleepers will stay covered throughout the night.

The Nautica Eastbourne Plaid Comforter appears to be a high quality product, and a great addition to any bedroom. There have been no major issues reported with this comforter, as all of the purchasers have been very satisfied with the quality, comfort, and style that it provides.

As more customers choose this comforter for their bedding needs, more reviews detailing its benefits and challenges will be available. Earning four and a half stars by reviewers so far, the results seem to point to it being a popular item.

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Home Stripe Comforter Set GreenTalk about giving your tweens bedroom a makeover with this  funky Home Stripe Comforter Sets.

There are 4 coordinating pieces in this bright and bold  striped bedding set.

The set is available in King, Queen and Twin sizes

So what is included in this 4 piece set?

  • Comforter
  • Bedskirt – with a drop of 15″
  • 2 Shams (1 sham with the twin size set)
  • Because the set is made from 100% Cotton and the comforter has 100% polyester fill,  it means it is easy to clean as it can be popped in the washing machine and the  Tumble dryer.

CLICK HERE to buy this  multistriped contemporary bedding set for the special price of:

  • $89.99 for the king size
  • $79.99 for the queen size
  • $69.99 for the full size

Is it time to change out your mattress? Is your old one lumpy and saggy? Hopefully a few tips on how to choose a mattress will help you get a better night’s sleep. Bedding choices seem endless and overwhelming. They don’t have to be. You just need to keep a few things in mind.

Type of Mattresses: The three largest selling types of mattresses available today are coil and spring, waterbed, and memory foam.

Coil and Spring mattresses are the most common variety. This is the traditional bed. When looking for a coil and spring mattress one of the key indicators of quality is how many coils the bed has. The larger a number of coils, the firmer, and better quality the mattress. There are plenty of levels of firmness from hard as a board to a light, airy pillow top. What matters is what’s the most comfortable for you!

Waterbeds are another affordable option. Once again there are plenty of varieties from wave less to full wave. This determines how much motion the water in the bed will have. If you don’t feel like sloshing around choose a waterbed with a waveless bladder. Waterbeds require a bit more care than a coil and spring or memory foam mattress. They are also much heavier, be sure the floor can support the weight before purchasing one. Once they are in position you are unable to move them  without emptying them if you want to rearrange the room. However, I have one and find it very comfortable.

Memory Foam mattresses are one of the more expensive options but as the saying goes you get what you pay for. Memory foam mattresses use close cell foam that molds to your body, perfectly fitting your particular body type.

Whatever you choose for a mattress just remember it comes down to one simple concept, what is the most comfortable for you? These few tips on how to choose a mattress can help you narrow down your options but only you know what’s the most comfortable!

Moving from a crib to a bed is a huge step for your toddler. Every kid is different. Some of them will fear change; others will jump at the chance to grow up. Here are a few easy tips to get them to accept their new sleeping arrangement.

Is it time? Before you think of moving to the big leagues make sure your child is ready for the move. Just because he or she is escaping the crib at night doesn’t mean they’re ready for their own bed. Try taking out any guards, and lowering the side of the crib first. By moving slowly your little one gets a sense of freedom in small doses instead of having it thrown at them all at once.

Use the same location: Perhaps your child fears leaving the secure crib. By putting the bed exactly where the crib used to be the child will still have everything familiar and reassuring around. A good option is to try and keep the same bedding, a favorite blanket, or stuffed animal.

Plan a party: Make a big deal out of his or her achievement. Call it moving day. Make him or her feel like they’ve accomplished an important goal. It helps to have your child help in picking out the new bed too.

Encourage: Every child is different. If your child resists moving into a new bed just keep encouraging them. Positive reinforcement is essential. You can help your child only so far. Punishing the toddler for not moving won’t accomplish anything. Be reassuring and offer positive support.

Colorful Bedding: put bedding on the bed that features your toddlers favorite characters. Make the bed look colorful and welcoming for you toddler.

There are many ways you can encourage your toddler to make the move from a crib to a bed these few can help get you started on your way with as little fuss and crying as possible. Just remember to be patient!

sunbeam-dynasty-retreat-quilted-fleece-pattern-heated-blanket1Organic bedding is a much better bedding choice than tradition polyester/cotton blend sheeting. Think about it, a third of your life is spent in bed. Why would you want to sleep in between sheets that are processed using harsh chemicals? It’s like taking a bath in toxic waste. There is a better, more natural alternative though. How about this? Look for organic bedding.

What is Organic bedding?

Simple it’s bedding that uses naturally processed material. To be certified organic a product can’t be manufactured using non natural materials. That means you’re sleeping the way nature intended.

Organic bedding isn’t just your sheets though. You can even find organic mattresses, comforters and pillows. You can design your entire sleep system to be natural and earth friendly. There is no need to once again lay your head on something artificial.

Organic bedding is better for the environment. By using only natural products the environment isn’t poisoned by dumping harmful chemicals. It’s a smaller carbon footprint as well.

Organic Bedding is a great alternative for those with allergies or sensitive skin. By reducing your exposure to toxic chemicals you reduce that chance of irritation. Do you ever wake up stuffy headed? You just might be having a reaction to your bedding. Perhaps organic bedding can help. Organic bedding contains no unnatural products; this means no skin contact with poison or breathing in vapors.

Consider this as well, non natural materials repel moisture. This means if you sweat at night nothing wicks the moisture away from your body. You end up waking up in a pool of your own sweat. Organic bedding on the other hand pulls the moisture away from your body, leaving you dry.

So why continue sleeping amidst all those pollutants and irritants, instead invest in some high quality organic bedding, it’s non-toxic and natural. Get a real night’s rest and wake up refreshed.

sunbeam-dynasty-retreat-quilted-fleece-pattern-heated-blanketAn electric blanket is a great way to save on heating costs during those cold winter nights. Why heat the entire house when an affordable electric blanket can keep you toasty warm instead? Here are some of the things to consider when buying an electric blanket.

Safety: Never buy a blanket that doesn’t have an Underwriters Laboratories (UL) tag. This tag means the blanket has passed rigorous testing and is safe for consumer use. It will be fire retardant as well as resistant to electrical shock. Your safety is the most important thing

Design: The type of blanket you choose is solely up to you. They come in all shapes and sizes with a myriad of features. If you have back problems, a mattress pad type might be just right for you. These go under the sheets and keep the bed itself warm. Another great way to save energy is to get an electric blanket that has an auto shut off feature. Once you drift off to sleep it turns itself off saving even more on energy costs. Another great feature is temperature control. Better model electric blankets will have a thermostat that allows you to control just how toasty you want to be.

Material: Electric blankets can be made of any material. If you want to stay super warm then wool is the right choice for you. If you just need something to take the chill off, look for cotton or flannel. An electric blanket can be found to match any bedroom décor

These are just a few things to consider when purchasing your new electric blanket. Whatever your choice you’ll be snuggled up warm and cozy on those long winter nights, and saving money on heating bills at the same time.

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