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mission-style-platform-bedWhether you like the natural look or you just like the idea of being able to take a base piece of furniture and turn it into what you want, the Mission Style Platform Bed may be the perfect addition to your home.

Made of natural pine wood, this bed is about as green as it gets, coming with no treatments of any sort to the surface of the wood. That means you can leave it natural and enjoy the beauty of wood or  you may choose to paint or stain it to go with the decor of the bedroom.

This queen-sized bed sits 15 inches off the ground. That allows plenty of space underneath the bed for a couple of possible uses.

First you could put drawers under the bed as a storage option to give you more space to put those things that never seem to have a place to be put away. The matching drawers can be purchased separately.

If you have the storage under control in the room, you may prefer to try using that space to store another bed. You can purchase a trundle bed to always have an extra place to sleep when the kids or family have company over for the night.

What We Like:

  • This bed is a great value for the price.
  • If you are paying attention to being eco friendly or just like more green alternatives for your home, this is made of chemical free pine.
  • It’s made to be able to accommodate drawers underneath that can be purchased to offer extra storage.
  • If you have a child who often has friends over, you can choose a trundle bed to put underneath to create more sleeping space without losing floor space during the day.
  • You can leave this looking natural or paint or stain it to your preferences.
  • Made in the USA from solid chemical free pine

CLICK HERE to buy the Mission Style Platform Bed made from solid chemical free pine

elk-ridge-comforterWhether you are doing a country theme, mountain theme or log cabin style theme to your home, one of the vital things that will set the scene when someone walks into one of your bedrooms is the bedding set you have chosen.

When you think about it, the bed is the centerpiece of the room. Therefore, you need to make sure you have chosen bedding that suits the theme of what you are trying to portray to those who walk into the room. The Elk Ridge Comforter Set can do that. By depicting a moment in the woods where you and the elk are eye to eye and you can almost smell the evergreens surrounding you.

This bed in a bag set will remind you of taking a retreat to a log cabin in the woods.

Included in this set are:

  • A Comforter
  • A Dust Ruffle
  • 1 Pillow Sham

These pieces will take your bedding to the next level. You can begin with a simple bedding set that is in complementary colors and then add these pieces to the set to go from an ordinary bedroom setting to an extraordinary one.

The Elk Ridge Comforter set is available in twin, full, queen and king sizes.

Features of the set

  • The King Comforter measures 104″ x 94″,
  • TheKing Dust Ruffle fits 76″ x 80″ Mattress
  • The top is  made from 100% Cotton,   the back  from 70% Polyester and 30% Cotton
  • Colors are tan, brown, green, black ang gray
  • The design is a Lodge Style Pattern with Elk, Trees and Rocks

What We Like:

  • For a change it is a piece that looks just as good in reality as it does online. This will not disappoint in appearance.
  • This is a heavy duty bedding set that holds it’s space well and looks substantial instead of other beds that often look wrinkly.
  • The heavyweight fabric will keep you nice and warm  when you are bundled up underneath it on a cold night.

CLICK HERE to buy the Elk Ridge comforter bed in a bag set.


Teens and kids love bright bold funky bedding and that is something that the LittleMissMatched Kooky Flowers Bed in a bag certainly is.

This colorful set allows you to toss out all the traditional ideas and fill the bedroom with fun, color and whimsy?

Well the Little Mismatched Kooky Flowers Bed Set is the perfect way to do this. Just as the title says, this is a bedding set that is a mish mash of color and creativity that will turn the bed into something that looks more like an art project.

From zigzag patterns on one side of the comforter, to bright orange flowers on the other side, and bright green flowers on magenta pillows, this set really is color come to life on the bed! So you can change your bedding look as  your mood changes, as each side of the pieces is different so you can flip them around to mix things up.

Included in this set are:

  • A Comforter
  • A Fitted Sheet
  • A Flat Sheet
  • 2 Pillow Cases
  • A Bed Skirt
  • A Decorative Pillow

The set is available in twin, full and Queen sizes.

What We Like:

  • This set is a 230-thread count is made of a 50/50 cotton polyester blend which is machine washable, so it is easy to clean.
  • This is a great unique bedding set that will give you a lot of options for colors and designs.
  • In addition to the individual pieces being colorful, every piece is  reversible making it seem like you have double the options in bedding design
  • It’s nice to have all the items in one set. Usually to get a mis-matched look you have to purchase all things separately. This way you don’t have to worry about them clashing, as they all work together.
  • If you want to do a whole room in this scheme, there are also other pieces you can purchase to finish the whole decorative set.
  • Made in the US

CLICK HERE to buy the Little MissMatched Kooky Flowers bed set and accessories to  give your teenager or youngsters bedroom into a funky modern look.  Priced at an incredible $119.99.

You can also check out our website for other teen bedding options.


Just another amazing design by Ed Hardy.

The Ed Hardy Love Kills Slowly Duvet Set features a skull shrouded by vines and lotus flowers as the centerpiece, on a background of bright pink.

The Ed Hardy signature features along the top of the comforter.

This spectacular design is achieve by the use of a 12 screen digital printing process.

The duvet set is printed on 300 count cotton sateen. This duvet set gets softer the more its washed.

This set is a must for any Ed Hardy fan.

For those who aren’t aware of who Ed Hardy is, he is a former tattoo artist from Iowa who incorporated Japanese style designs and technique into his work.

The duvet set comes to you in a beautifully decorated, reusable Ed Hardy box.

The set is available in twin, king and queen sizes


CLICK HERE to buy the Ed Hardy Love Kills Duvet Set


That’s what the design on this Ed Hardy Koi Duvet Set certainly is.

Unfortunately this beautiful set is no longer available

See More Ed Hardy Sets Below

The duvet and shams feature dramatically bold colored, red koi jumping through cascading water on a clean white background.

Koi represent good luck and maybe that’s just what this beautiful duvet set will bring you.

The dramatic design is created by 12 color screen digital printing.

The machine washable duvet set is made from  300 thread count, long staple cotton yarns and the more you wash them the softer they get.

The set comes packaged in a beautiful, re usable Ed Hardy decorated box.

This set is an Ed Hardy classic and one you will want for your room.

More Ed Hardy  Bedding

Ed Hardy Skull Set Ed Hardy Eagle Set Product Name
Available in brown & black




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my-little-pony-sheet-setThe My Little Pony Sheet Set really appeals to little girls, according to parents and grandparents who have provided reviews.

Although the family members who bought these sheets did not always consider the sheet set to be of the highest possible quality, the children had a great night’s sleep anyway.

You can read the reviews and buy the My Little Pony Sheet Set at My Little Pony Sheet Set

The ponies on this sheet set are beautifully portrayed.

And as the pillowcase offers a different pony on each side, the the girls can choose to sleep on the whichever side of the pillow shows their favorite pony.

Features of the My Little Pony Sheet Set:

  • Mix pink and lavender pastel hues with an underlying print of floating butterflies
  • Pony illustration on the pillowcase with name of pony at the top
  • Made of 55 percent cotton, 45 percent polyester
  • Machine washable for easy care

The twin sized sheet set includes:

  • one fitted sheet
  • one flat sheet
  • one pillowcase

A few customers noted that the sheets  slightly stiff at first, but they quickly softened after a few washes. Most of the children did not notice this discomfort; however, sensitive children may be uncomfortable the first few times these sheets are used. One parent noted that her child complained they were itchy until she had washed them twice.

These sheets also fit well on even very deep mattresses which is ideal if your child tosses and turns throughout the night, as the sheets firmly stay in place.

Overall, these sheets are a reviewed favorably, and said to be a solid investment if your child loves My Little Pony. The bright colors and great pictures will bring out the imagination of your child, as they drift off to sleep.

The My Little Pony Sheet Set is recommended by over half of consumers who bought it. Weighing in at four stars, there are very few complaints about this lively sheet set.

You can read the reviews and purchase the My Little Pony sheet set at

pike-st-510-count-sheet-setIf you are looking to redo your bed to make it feel softer and look more welcoming at the end of the day you may be looking for the Pike Street 510-Thread Count 100% Cotton Sateen Sheet Set.

This set is a four-piece set that includes:

  • 1 Flat Sheet
  • 1 Fitted Sheet
  • 2 Pillowcases.

Made of 100% cotton sateen, these sheets offer you a feel of luxury each time you lay down.

With the new types of mattresses on the market today, many worry if the sheets they are buying will fit their mattress. This set is made to fit a mattress up to 18 inches thick, which will cover almost all thick and pillow top mattresses on the market.

Another concern about many sheet sets is whether or not they will shrink with washing. As long as you follow the directions for washing on this set you should not have any problem with shrinkage and you will know they will continue to fit for a long time to come.

What We Like:

They hold their shape and size after a number of washings with less shrinkage than you usually see.

The high thread count is evident, as these feel great to the touch.

They have been designed to even fit well over larger and thicker mattresses with pillow tops (up to 18 inches).

You can read the reviews and pick up a set for your bedroom from

Fill power is a measurement of how well the down in an item can insulate. Essentially, the amount of fluff and down that is needed to keep you warm. The best quality down does a better job with less down then lower quality down.

Measuring Fill Power

The measurement of fill power is on a scale of up to 900. This number is determined by an experiment in which the down is compressed in a plexiglass cylinder. The larger the number the higher quality in down. For example, 400 is considered the low end of good down, 550-700 are very good down items and as you head up to 900 you are moving into luxury down territory.

Here is what you should look for when judging down products:

Fill Rating – Those items that have good down fill power will have that rating put right on the product. That means you should see a number like 400, 600 or 700. The higher the number, the better. If you don’t see a rating number on a down product, that is likely because it has fallen below the 400 range and is not considered decent quality.

Down in Comforters – You always want to make sure to get a decent fill rating in comforters. Comforters with a lower fill rating are more likely see the down move around and create cold spots, where it is not insulated.

Down in Pillows
– While you may think the higher level of fill power in pillows would mean a stiffer pillow that is not true. In pillows you must not only know the fill power of the pillows, but also how much down is in the pillow as it will still take more of a higher quality material to create a firmer pillow.

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