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If you have been looking at bedding linens but are not sure which ones to buy there may be some words you have seen that have you asking even more questions. Such as what is percale? We’re going to teach you everything you need to know about percale.

What is Percale?

Percale is a cloth that is woven out of cotton, polyester or a combination of the two.  From 100% polyester to a 50/50 mix to 100% cotton the percale family of linens run the gamut.

What You Need to Know

How it’s Made
– Percale is different from other cloths in the way it is colored to make your finished linens. Instead of being dyed like many other cloths, percale begins as a grey cloth that is then sprayed to take on the color you will ultimately see.

Color and Feel
– Because of the way it is colored, how dark a percale piece is can impact how it feels. Since there is a build up of color on the fabric, the color can impact the overall feel of the material. This means the darker the color, the stiffer the fabric will feel.

Thread Count and Feel – It is important to note that there is more to think about then thread count when you are considering a percale linen set. The thread count is only part of the equation. Since polyester is not as soft and comfortable as cotton, you also need to take note of the combination of cotton to polyester. A higher polyester content at a higher thread count will still not feel as good as a higher percentage cotton with a lower thread count.

Shrinkage – Percale sheets will shrink the first few times you use them. Thankfully, most manufacturers keep this in mind when making them and make them a littler larger than they need to be so when they do shrink they will fit just right.

As you may expect, Egyptian cotton comes from Egypt. It is generally grown along the Nile River Valley, the plants nourished by the waters of the Nile.

How is it different from other cotton?

You may think cotton is cotton, right? Wrong. When it comes to Egyptian cotton, there are some differences. The main one is the fact that it is an extra long staple cotton. That means the fibers from the cotton plant are longer than other cottons.

Longer staples can be woven into thinner pieces of thread and that will allow more pieces of thread per square inch (thread count).


While you may think the thinner thread that comes from Egyptian cotton would not be as strong as thicker threads, you would be wrong. As a matter of fact, the thread is much stronger than many other threads out there so you know Egyptian cotton items will last longer than many other cloth types. As a matter of fact, properly cared for Egyptian cotton bedding items can last for decades.


Unlike other sheet sets that seem to become more uncomfortable over time, Egyptian cotton bedding items are quite the opposite. When you first get them they are about as harsh as they will be for the life of the bedding. Every time you wash them, they will get softer and softer making you feel rewarded immediately for doing your housework.

Absorbency and Color

Egyptian cotton is also able to hold color better than other cotton types. It is a very absorbent fiber, which means as it is dyed, it will take in more of the color in the dye vat.

This absorbency also means that if you have towels or robes made out of Egyptian cotton they will pull water from your body quickly as well.


Egyptian cotton does cost more than other cotton made pieces out there, but you have to understand the long-term cost of any purchase you make. Over the long term, these pieces will likely outlast your other bedding and towel purchases, possibly by 5 – 10 years, making them economical in the long run.

Dream Supreme Plus Pillow

Whether you have allergies and need a pillow that is hypoallergenic or you just want to enjoy a pillow that has a little more support, the Dream Supreme Plus 100% Gel Filled Pillowsset may be just what you are looking for.

dream-supreme-gel-filled-pillowsThese Dream Supreme Plus 100% Gel Filled Pillows are filled with what is called gel fill. It is 100% hypoallergenic for even those who have the most sensitive allergies and are worried about where they put their head at the end of the day.

Additionally, the gel fill has been designed to help cradle your head to give you the support you need when you sleep. It has been specially designed to offer support while not feeling too hard like some other pillows.

Holding that gel in place is 370-thread count cloth in an attractive floral pattern that will suit any bedroom.

So if you love the feeling of goose down but suffer from allergies that mean you can’t use goose down pillows, then the Dream Supreme Plus gel filled pillows might be just what you need.

What We Like:

  • They fluff up pretty well and are comfortable to use.
  • With the number of people with allergies, some of them severe, these were made to be hypoallergenic and safe for even those with strong allergy issues.

Read more reviews for these pillows at




pillow-mattress-coverWhile you may love the look of your bed, if you are like a lot of people you may wish your bed was just a little more comfortable than it really is. While buying a new mattress could cost a fortune, there is an easier way to get a softer night’s sleep without going broke. The answer is to purchase a Pillowtop Mattress Cover
and add it to your mattress to get that soft sleep you want and deserve.

The Pillowtop Mattress Cover is a quilted cover that you can put right over the top of your mattress to make a very soft surface that will almost cradle you as you sleep. Instead of being out hundreds of dollars for a new mattress you will give your old mattress new life by adding a layer of comfort on top of the current surface.

This is especially a great way to make your guests feel welcome at your home. While you may not want to spend a fortune on great mattresses for the guest room, adding this Pillowtop Mattress Cover to that cheaper guest room mattress will let them think you have.

This Pillowtop Mattress Cover is overstuffed with polyester filling and will stay in place, even if you are the type that moves around a lot in your sleep. Created with sides that have ‘expand-a-grip’ protection, it will remain in place no matter how much you toss and turn.

What We Like:

  • It can take a boring and not so luxurious mattress and make it feel much softer and more comfortable.
  • It even works on really hard and uncomfortable mattresses making them a lot easier to get a good night’s sleep on
  • It’s easy to put on the bed and holds in place pretty well.

What We Don’t Like:

It looks fluffier in the picture than it is in real life, but it still does a great job.

You can read the reviews and buy the Pillowtop Mattress Cover at:

If you have kids that love Spongebob Square Pants you may have been considering all kinds of ways of decorating their bedroom to show off their favorite cartoon character.

But children change their opinions about TV shows and cartoons very quickly. So do you really want to do a complete redo of all of their room for this week’s fad? Instead you may want to make a colorful change that is economical and fun, while saving you the work of a paint and wallpaper job.

So instead of doing a major makeover here is the perfect way to get a bold and bright look  with a Spongebob Bed Set.

Most sets include:

  • 1 Twin Size Flat Sheet
  • 1 Twin Size Fitted Sheet
  • 1 Twin Size Pillowcase

The images on the Spongebob Bed Sheet Sets depict the many characters from the Spongebob Squarepants books and DVD’s. If you don’t know who they are, don’t worry, your kids will.

If you want to do a little more to dress up the room, you can add a little more to the set like decorative Spongebob pillows or a comforter as well as all of your child’s Spongebob toys.

The great part is as this fad passes and they move on to new toys and TV shows to love, changing their bedroom décor is as simple as buying another affordable bedding set.

What We Like:

  • This is an easy way to dress up the kids room and make them happy with bedding that  has all the Spongebob characters they love.

bedding-pinzon-microtec-throwIf you are looking for an unbelievably plush throw to use on the bed or wrap around you while you watch TV, then one of the beautiful Pinzon Microtec throws is just what you need.

Nearly every single one of the reviews consumers have given for this throw is positive.  Most listed the softness of the fabric, the effectiveness of it to keep them warm and how comfortable it is to use as the main pros of this product. This covers nearly ninety one percent of the customers that reviewed the Pinzon Microtec Throw.

Others  commented about the affordability, and stated that the ease with which they were able purchase it online was a main factor in their decision to purchase.

The throw is lightweight and has a non static feel, which are two more points in its favor.

Most report that they use it for a throw for the back of the couch, to cover their lap to watch television, or even as a bed throw. The great majority of the consumer base reacted to the product in a positive way, saying it was warm and snuggly and they found themselves using it often.

Overall, customer reviews are positive, with several reviewers saying they would be purchasing one or more in addition to their original purchase. A four and five start rating across the board for this product.

You can read the reviews at where you can also purchase the Pinzon Microtec throw.

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