tri-core-orthopedic-standard-size-support-pillowThere are millions of people who have a tough time getting comfortable enough to get a good nights sleep, every night.

For many of them the problem is that their pillow is not giving them enough support. This is why the Tri-Core Orthopedic Standard Size Support Pillow was designed.

Made of anti-microbial, hypoallergenic fibers, this pillow has been made to be as ergonomically proper as possible.

Often the problem people have is that there pillow is not giving them enough support for the vertebrae in their neck.All night with too much pressure being on those vertebrae can have you waking up in pain.

This pillow is specifically created to be more supportive of your neck and head than other pillows on the market, by conforming to the curvature of this area of the body, to give you all the support you need to sleep soundly.

Another benefit of this pillow is that is often can have a secondary benefit – stopping snoring. For many people, the right support stops the airway obstruction that causes their snoring.

While many similar pillows that are made for a particular sleeping position, with this pillow you can sleep on your back or side.

When it comes time to clean, it doesn’t take much more than a hand wash and a little fluffing to make it seem like new again.

What We Like

  • It’s hypoallergenic, so perfect for those who have allergies.
  • It is very supportive and will give your neck the support it needs to not be trying to hold the weight of your head while you sleep.
  • This doesn’t just help avoid neck pain, but can also stop shoulder pain by making your shoulders feel better, as they are not supporting your neck.
  • It’s easy to clean and make like new again, a quick hand wash and fluff.

Other things to consider:

  • You may find that switching positions and getting comfortable again means you need to readjust the pillow.
  • If you are really sensitive to firmness, the edges of this pillow,  may feel too firm and even uncomfortable.

On the whole this pillow receives positive reviews on

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