7 pce Navy Blue Chrysanthemum Flower Flocking Comforter Set BIABIt isn’t often that you  find this high a quality bed in bag set at this low  price.

Frankly you will be surprised that 7 Piece Navy Blue Chrysanthemum Flower Flocking Comforter Set Bed-in-a-bag can be sold for such a low price.

When it comes to looks, you will be  pleased with how well the print works with your bedroom decor. This set has a classy elegance that really adds a touch of style to the room.

Now I am going on about the price but really this is so low it’s ridiculous for what you get.

Here’s what is included for the price:

  • 86″ X 86″ Comforter
  • 60″ X 80″ + 14″ Dust Ruffle Bed skirt
  • 21″ x 27″ + 3″ Sham (2 pieces)
  • 6.5″ x 16″ Neck roll
  • 16″ x 16″ square Cushion (2 pieces)

If you are looking for comfort, you will be pleasantly surprised with how comfortable the neck roll and cushions are. The comforter is also quite heavy and has a lot of loft to it adding a really plush feel to the bed.

When it comes to looks, you will be pleased with how well this color and pattern works in the bedroom. It really ties the room together and brightens up a bedroom of any size.

What We Like:

  • It is a great value for a great price.
  • Size of the bed in bag set: most bed in bags only give you a comforter, dust ruffle and pillowcases.

Overall this is a great buy. It is really nice to be able to get a bed in bag unit that included a neck roll and cushions. These really helped bring the whole bedding décor together.

At this price the navy blue chrysanthemum flower flocking bed in bag isn’t going to be in stock for very long. If the colors and designs work in your bedroom then  it’s definitely worth picking up. Getting seven pieces for what you would normally pay for a comforter is a great bargain.

Normally priced at $199.99 you can pick it up for only $59.99

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