ralph-lauren-logo-pillowThe Ralph Lauren Logo jumbo pillow is recommended by consumers for those who want style and class combined with comfort and practicality.  A 100% cotton shell surrounding polyester fiberfill makes this pillow machine washable.

Most people buying this product were looking for an extra firm pillow and usually had trouble finding one. These consumers were very pleased when they found the advertising to be correct, and the pillows really were extra firm. They reported that finding this Ralph Lauren pillow put an end to their frustrating pillow searches.

One person stated she found it a quality extra firm pillow and a great buy. Another said he used to suffer from neck pain, and with this pillow, he can sleep with no discomfort. Still others found the extra firm pillows were harder than they wanted and did not find them comfortable.

While most people who used this product wanted the extra firmness in their pillows, some may have benefited from trying a different firmness level, such as the medium or regular pillows. All who specifically were shopping for an extra firm pillow, however,  seemed to find this one quite comfortable.

Most found the pillows held up well with regular use. They did not pack down or become lumpy, and they were not overly fluffy. One person did have a problem with her pillows becoming shapeless after several months of use.

Even with repeated use over time, most who used this pillow found it was worth keeping. The jumbo size negated the need for additional pillows and made the $20 price tag well worth it. A solid five star rating for this product

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