Pike St Embroidered BedspreadThe manufacturers didn’t have to write anything about the beautiful Pike Street Delphine  Embroidered bedspread their customers have given it a resounding 5 stars for elegant styling, the fact that it is made from easy to care for 100% cotton and they are amazed that the size.

I have brought quilts in the past that are supposedly made for a king sized bed only to find that the quilt doesn’t reach to the floor. And of course this means buying the coordinating bed ruffle to hide the dust under the bed (kidding).

Well the Pike st fall garden quilted bedspread does what it says, it is oversized and it drapes neatly to the floor in whichever bed size you buy it for.  So you don’t need to buy the next size up to make sure the bed is covered, the queen size will adequately drape to the floor on a queen sized bed, you won’t need to get the king sized bedspread.

You can buy this beautiful bedspread  and other gorgeous styles at Amazon.com

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