Everything You Need to Know About Luxury Bedding

The dictionary defines luxury as ‘something that is an indulgence rather than a necessity’.  Bedding is a necessity but for those who can afford it, going to bed becomes a sensory experience like no other!

Luxury bedding is nothing new.  The Romans knew a thing or two about indulgence and while the poor slept on piles of reeds or hay, the rich had mattresses stuffed with wool or feathers.  The mattresses were then decorated with bronze, silver, jewels and gold!

Top 3 Places to Buy Luxury Bedding Online

#1 Amazon

Amazon have a beautiful range of luxury bedding and at reasonable prices. Includes luxury bedding sets, bedding ensembles and luxury baby bedding.

#2 Overstock

Overstock are one of the biggest online retailers and have an extensive range of luxury bedding to choose from including hotel bed luxury sheet sets, 1200 thread count bedding and even luxury foam mattresses. Well worth a visit.

#3 Bedding and More

As the name suggests, Bedding n More focus on bedding and what makes this site so great is that you can actually select ‘Luxury’ from the sidebar menu to narrow your results.


Sleeping in Luxury

Comforter sets have always been a great way to buy bedding.  A well coordinated bed makes your bed and bedroom look beautiful and if you choose a luxury comforter bedding set – it can feel beautiful too!  Silk bedding used to be reserved for Emperors and high officials – but now, it’s widely available and an affordable luxury.

If you want to spoil yourself, the first decision is what kind of luxury do you want to go for?

What’s Your Idea of Luxury?

Some people love silky softness and for others, the ultimate luxury is a fluffy cover that wraps them like a cloud.  It’s really down to personal choice – there’s something for everyone!

Down Comforter Sets

A down comforter is fluffy and soft and definitely luxurious!  What sets down comforters apart from others is the down – which may sound obvious – but it’s the type of down that’s used.  High-end down comforters are filled with the softest insulating feathers that sit right next to the skin of ducks and geese.  These are designed to trap a layer of air under the bird’s outer feathers and keep them warm and toasty.  That’s what makes down comforters so special – they keep warm air in and cold air out!

The most luxurious of all are comforters filled with the down from eider ducks, which is considered the best quality and therefore has the highest price-tag.

In the UK, bedcovers that resembled today’s comforters were called ‘Eiderdowns’ – because they were filled with the down from an eider duck.  They fell from favor with the rising popularity of duvets but are now enjoying a well-deserved return.