Everything You Need to Know About Pillows

Pillows were originally only used by rich people and have been found in the tombs of Ancient Egypt.  With the use of increasingly sophisticated dyes and beautiful sewing techniques, pillows developed as an art form.  Richly decorated pillows became highly prized commodities in China.  Despite this, the traditional Chinese pillow is often a hard box made from stone, wood, metal or porcelain. Mass production of decorated textiles came with the Industrial Revolution.

Top 3 Places to Buy Pillows Online

#1 Amazon

Amazon have thousands of pillows to choose from including standard pillows, micro-filled, memory foam, molded neck pillows, feather and goose down pillows and plenty more.

#2 Overstock

With 1000 different types of pillows in stock you are sure to find the right pillow for you at Overstock. Shipping is reasonable too at only $2.95 for your entire order.

#3. Bedding and More

Bedding and More don’t have as an extensive range as Overstock or Amazon but they have plenty to whet your appetite. They include BeautyRest Pillows, foam body pillows, cooling pillows, feather and down pillows and everything in between.

How to Find Your Perfect Pillow

Thinking about the way you sleep, can help you to find the ideal height of pillow for you.  The position that you wake up in each morning is generally your sleep style.

– If you sleep on your side – you need a medium to high pillow
– If you sleep on your front – you need a low pillow
– If you sleep on your back – you need a low to medium pillow
– If  you’re a small adult – you need a low pillow
– If you’re a large adult – you need a low to medium pillow
– Children – always low pillows
– Babies – never a pillow of any kind.  They can lead to suffocation.

Once you know the correct height that will give your neck the best support, the next choice is what feels comfortable to you.  This is purely a personal choice.  Choose from soft, medium firm and firm.

Things You Never Knew About Pillows

– Each corner of a pillow is known as a ‘nib’.
– When a pillow is placed on a flat surface, the highest point of the pillow’s crest is called the ‘poof point’.
– The traditional pillow shape is a ‘golden rectangle’.  A golden rectangle is fascinating because if a square section is removed, the remaining area is always another golden rectangle.

You’re Worth It

We spend at least a third of our entire lives in bed and yet people rarely replace their pillows or mattresses – and then wonder why they don’t sleep well!  Some pillows are obviously past their useful life, but if you’re not sure about one, see if it will pass the pillow test!

Put Your Pillow to the Test

Put your pillow on a flat surface and fold it in half and hold it there with your hand.  If it doesn’t fold in half easily, it’s already passed the test!  Now place a shoe on top of the folded part.  Let go!  If the shoe flies off, your pillow doesn’t need replacing.  If it doesn’t – it’s time to go shopping!

As a general rule, it’s recommended that your replace your pillows every six months to two years – depending on how well they are lasting.