Things You Need to Know About Waterbed Sheets

Did you know?

The first waterbeds were patented in 1969.  Charles Hall was a student at San Francisco State University and the waterbed evolved from a design project that he had done for a graduate program.  The first waterbeds had no heaters or frames and were mainly sold to hippies!  This rather restricted how the public viewed waterbeds and consequently, sales weren’t great.

However, with the advent of heaters and soft sided models, waterbeds are enjoying a comeback.

Where Can You Buy Waterbed Sheets Online?

#1 Amazon

Amazon are one of the biggest online retailers and usually have the best
prices. Amazon is our top pick for this reason. Start here first and if
you can’t find what you are looking for head to our second choice

#2 Overstock

Overstock have a massive range of bedding to choose from – over 4000

Their range of Waterbed sheets is available in a variety of colors and thread counts.

#3 Bedding and More

As the name suggest, Bedding and More’s primary focus is bedding. They
sell comforters, bed-in-bag sets, quilts, pillows, blankets and yes,
flannel sheets.


Buying Sheets for Your Waterbed

It is possible to use regular flat sheets on a waterbed but they are not ideal.  They slip off very easily and are hard to tuck in, especially on a hard sided model.

Waterbed sheets are constructed in a particular way.  The fitted bottom sheet and the top flat sheet are sewn together at the foot-end.  This keeps them smooth and flat.

They also have a deep pocket in each corner, which is placed under the mattress, keeping the sheet firmly in place.

A clever innovation for hard sided waterbeds is pole sheets.  These have a casing in each of the corner pockets of the bottom sheet.  A small pole is slid through the casing and is then able to lock into the corner of the wooden bed frame.  These sheet sets are available in cotton, satin and flannel and come supplied with poles.

Buying purpose-made waterbed sheets can make all the difference to how much you love your waterbed.  Bed-making becomes a breeze and your sheets will stay smoothly in place, ensuring a good nights’ sleep.


Which Sheet Fabrics are Best for Waterbeds?

It’s really personal choice as waterbed sheets are available in the same fabrics as regular sheets.  Here are the three most popular:


These are a little stiff when new but soon soften up with washing.  A favorite for waterbed owners is 100% cotton with a thread count of 300 which makes the sheets durable but lovely and silky to sleep on.
Cotton waterbed sheets are usually held in place by deep corner pockets slid over and under the mattress corners.


These are beautiful to look at with a lustrous shine bringing a touch of luxury to your bedroom.  Satin is softer to sleep on than cotton but is also much more fragile.  Satin sheets should be laundered carefully according to the manufacturer’s instructions.  Satin waterbed sheets are either anchored with corner pockets, sheet connectors or ‘bed suspenders’.


High quality flannel waterbed sheets are usually made from a mix of wool and cotton.  The wool gives warmth and the cotton adds softness to the sheets.  These are undoubtedly the coziest to sleep on, although most waterbeds come with a heater so warmth isn’t usually a problem.

Why are Waterbed Comforters sized differently to conventional ones?

If you’re buying all of your bed linen for your waterbed, you need to know that on a hard sided waterbed, comforters are usually tucked in between the wooden bed frame and the waterbed mattress.  They only tuck in a few inches so they aren’t as big as traditional comforters that drop over the sides of a conventional bed.

However, this is entirely personal choice and you may prefer your comforter draped!  It’s best to measure your waterbed so that you can make sure you buy exactly what you want