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‘May the Force Be With You’ and your youngster when you update their bedroom with this boldly colored  Star Wars Galactic Heroes Twin Sheet Set
There is a Clone Wars comforter which will compliment these sheets and they feature classic Star Wars Characters such as Darth Vader, Yoda, C3PO and R2D2, all drawn in Japanese anime style.  All exciting characters that your young Jedi-to-be will identify with.

I guess as mothers, we tend to think of our youngsters when considering buying Star Wars bedding, so I had a laugh when the first review I read was from a young man in his thirties who had brought it for himself. And of course it makes perfect sense, Star Wars has been popular with many generations for quite some years now.

His only complaint was that Chewbacca looked a bit feminine, and other than that he was delighted with the set.

Some mom’s felt the material was a bit rough but the kids didn’t seem to mind as they loved the bright, bold, colorful characters.

The sheets and comforter are made from fabric with a 30% cotton and 70% polyester mix, and the comforter has a 100 percent polyester fill.This means that all the items in this set are all easy to care for and cam be machine washed and dried.

So what is available?

Currently you can purchase just the  polyester  sheet set which includes a fitted sheet, flat sheet and pillowcase.

There are other accessories such as a decorative sham, a decorative pillow, drapes and window valance that can purchased separately to give your bedroom a completely coordinated look. Plus there are plenty of other Star Wars bedding options available at Amazon.

Where Can I Buy The Star Wars Bedding Collection for my Young Jedi or for Myself?

Just wait to see the sparkle in the eyes of your little princess when you present her with the Princess Ribbons & Roses comforter set and coordinating sheet set.

Just made with little girls in mind this Disney comforter set features three of Disney’s magical princesses which are appliqued onto the cover and  embroidered floral and ribbon accents.

The comforter set has a 180 thread count and is made from cotton rich fabric of 55% cotton and 45% polyester, so it is easy to care for.

Your young lady will be whisked to a magical place where she can pretend to be a beautiful princess.

The comforter set includes:

  • the pink striped comforter
  • 1 pillow sham
  • bedskirt

The Princess Ribbons & Roses sheet set, which is available in both twin and full sizes, can be purchased separately to give the bed a totally beautiful coordinated look.

The sheet set has a 180 threat count and is made form 55% cotton and 45% polyester fabric.

The set has an all over character printed pattern.

The Princess Ribbons & Roses Sheet set includes

  • 1 Flat Sheet
  • 1 Fitted Sheet
  • Pillow case ( 1 pillow case is included with the twin set and 2 pillow cases are included with the full set)

The pillow cases are tied with pretty pink ribbon.

Where Can I Buy the lovely Princess Ribbons & Roses Comforter Set & Sheet Set for my Little Princess?

The Newpoint International 200-Thread Count Cotton Waterproof Mattress Pad is a new twist on typical plastic sheets, combining waterproof functionality with the thickness and comfort of a regular mattress pad. Unlike crinkly, ill-fitting plastic covers used to extend mattress life by keeping it safe and dry, this waterproof mattress pad is quiet, fluffy, and relaxing.

Purchasers of this mattress pad have found creative uses for its unique waterproof technology. They don’t mind if pets want to cuddle up at night, as the pad protects their mattress from drool and other pet related accidents. Others liked it as they found it could can also transition their children to a new bed, and potty training accidents would no longer ruin their mattresses.

Some customers have found that the waterproof technology works a little too well, and is difficult to dry effectively. Two rounds on spin dry seem to remove all of the water, without damaging the material. However, there have been reports of the mattress pad sticking together after drying, and the sheer sides wearing down with age. Several strongly recommended that purchasers follow washing instructions to extend the life of this mattress pad, perhaps the negative reviews came from people who improperly cared for the product.

This waterproof mattress pad fits well on various depths of mattress pads, ranging from 12 inches to 19 inches. Some owners of this mattress have found that it shifts slightly at times, but overall it is a well fitting product. Most said they were satisfied, and would recommend the product to others.

We found the best price at:

The Pinzon Printed Flannel Queen Sheet Sets have received over 96% positive reviews from its buyers online. The reviews name warmth, comfort and durability as the top attributes to these flannel sheets, which is what anyone might hope for from a quality sheet set.

Most customers said warmth was the best aspect of this sheet set. They have found that even in cold winter months they stay warm when sleeping on these sheets. Even with the thermostat turned down, they had a satisfying night’s sleep, insulated from the chill.

The quality of this flannel sheet set was also mentioned frequently throughout the reviews. Customers experienced very little pilling after washing the sheets, and the color, appearance, and size of the sheets held up to repeated laundering. The softness of the sheets actually improved when washed, and many customers reported that these flannel sheets felt much softer than other flannel sheet sets they had tried in the past.

Some customers used these sheets on pillow top mattresses and with mattress pads. The size of the pockets on the sheets accommodated these thick mattresses with room to spare. Customers also attested to minimal shifting while they slept. These sheets also worked well on children’s beds, as they reported no discomfort while using them.

Coming in at less than $50, the Pinzon-160 Gram Flannel Sheet Set has been a good bedding investment for many customers. Overall, purchasers of this sheet set have been surprised by the high quality, enduring comfort, and overall pleasantness of their sleep since using this product.

These lovely looking, cuddly cozy,  Pinzon Queen Sized Flannel Sheet Sets are available in the brick floral color shown and also in black floral and orchid floral.

Where Can I Read the Reviews & Buy Pinzon-160 Gram Printed Flannel Sheet Sets?

Treat your baby to this delightful Froggies Pond Baby Crib Bedding Setand brighten up the nursery.

And not only do you get an attractive set but you get 10 pieces, so everything you need is included. So that is excellent value for money.

Made from easy to care for 100% cotton so it is machine washable which is ideal for a nursery setting.

The set is designed to fit all toddler beds and cribs whether single or convertible.

The Froggies Pond set has an array of pond creatures featured which includes appliqued frogs, ducks, dragonflies and turtles, all the creatures associated with a pond setting that your little one will soon get to know in books and games.

So what is included in the Froggies Pond Baby Crib Bedding Set:

  • Comforter
  • Dust Ruffle
  • Fitted Crib Sheet
  • Bumper Padding
  • Baby Bib
  • Toy Bag
  • 2 Valances
  • Diaper Stacker
  • Baby Pillow

This set would also make the perfect gift for a new mom.

Where Can I Buy the 10 pce Froggies Pond Baby Crib Bedding Set?

Simple yet effective, Pinzon-160 Gram Printed Flannel Duvet Covers have earned a high satisfactory rating from purchasers.

These reviews primarily highlighted the amazingly soft Portuguese flannel, which does not have the rough feel of many other flannel bedding products.

These customers enjoyed the high quality of these duvet covers, as the material did not pill after washing them (often, previous experience with flannel products led them to expect pilling). This positive feature allows the duvet covers to maintain their color and appearance for a much longer time than traditional bedding sets.

These cozy cotton flannel duvet covers have a pretty floral silhouette pattern printed on the fabric which will mix an match beautifully with all Pinzon flannel, yarn dyed flannel and velvet bedding. The covers have been pre-washed and lightly brushed giving you a soft warm feeling when you hop into bed and the fabric brushes against your skin.

These duvet covers have been expertly made in Portugal in the town of Guimaraes  which  is where the castle of the first king of Portugal is situated.

The full/queen duvet measures 86 by 86 inches and has hidden button closure, on which one person commented that the buttons on their duvet were difficult to push through the buttonholes. This may have been a one off problem but purchasers with arthritis may like to  keep this in mind when considering this product. The warmth of the cover and the appreciation of the softness seemed to outweigh this difficulty, however.

One customer reported that the appearance of the product in the picture was a stark white and black pattern, but when the duvet covers were received, they were more cream colored than white. If you are attempting to match the color scheme of the duvet covers to the rest of your bedroom, look very closely at the pictures before making a decision.

Most of the customers reviewed were very happy with the unique floral design, thickness, and softness of these duvet covers. 7 out of 8 customers agree that their money was well spent, as the duvet cover is well worth the money for such superior quality.

Where Can I Buy Pinzon-160 Gram Printed Flannel Duvet Covers?

Okay, hands up anyone who hasn’t at some time in their life been a Star Wars fan. I don’t think there would be too many of you.

I will always remember the Star Wars movies with fondness. I believe it was the turning point for outer space movies with the excellent use of technology and everything about them was endearing, the humor, the acting and even the funky hairstyles were all fun.

Now if you have a Star Wars fan in your family, what could be better than treating them to a new bedding set featuring their favorite characters.

Ideal for a boys room with its bold blue colors, the 132 thread count set is easy to care for as it is made from 60% cotton and 40% polyester.

Included in the Star Wars 5pce full bedding set is:

  • One FULL SIZE comforter
  • One FULL Flat Sheet
  • One FULL Fitted Sheet
  • TWO standard Pillowcases

The comforter is also available in a twin size as a stand alone purchase that can be teamed with the matching sheet set and pillowcases.

Add in a decorative pillow for an even more dramatic effect.

In fact why not check out the Star Wars Bedding Collection.

Where Can I Buy The Star Wars 5pce Full Bedding Set and other Star Wars Accessories?

For a light, yet incredibly warm night’s sleep,the Pinzon Chamonix Medium Warmth White Goose Down Comforter could be right for you.

With unique compartments to hold individual groups of feathers, many customers have found that it fluffs up easily and maintains its shape much better than most free flowing comforters.

This comforter is lightweight, yet provides enough warmth for a comfortable night’s sleep, no matter what the weather is like outside. It is large enough to cover most beds well, without dragging along the floor. Couples report they no longer have to fight over the covers after purchasing this large and luxurious comforter.

A few customers cited problems with grey feathers poking out of the comforter fabric. While this did not appear to be a very common problem, those with allergies to goose down should take caution when considering this product. Some customers have chosen to also purchase a duvet cover, which can head off any potential irritation from feathers.

The majority of customers found this comforter to be a real value for the money. It kept them toasty warm without feeling weighty or smothering. The separate down holding compartments extend the life of this comforter, as the feathers will not clump together on one side of the bed.

Most of those reviewed felt that they had made a sound investment; saying that the comforter was both attractive and warm, as well as generously sized to avoid slippage. The softness of the down is apparently legendary, and several customers mentioned buying the product due to favorable reviews from friends or family.

The outer shell is made from 440 thread count, TENCEL cotton which adds strength to the cotton and gives you a  durable, comforter that is very soft and comfortable. The comforter is also easy to care for as it is machine washable and wrinkle-resistant.

The Pinzon Chamonix Medium Warmth White Goose Down Comforter is available in the following sizes:

  • Twin
  • Full
  • Queen
  • Oversized King

Where Can I Read the Reviews & Buy the Pinzon Chamonix Medium Warmth White Goose Down Comforter?

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