You probably spend more time in your bedroom than any other room in your home. Since a third of your life can be spent in the bedroom it’s a good idea to figure out how to Feng Shui this space.

The first thing you’ll want to do is place the bed as far away from doors and windows as you can.  Also be sure to keep the bed out of line from a window-door connection. You don’t want the bed interrupting the chi flow between the window and door and sucking out your chi.

If your bedroom has an attached bath then make sure the door between the bed and bathroom is always closed when you’re sleeping. This keeps chi from flowing out through the drainpipes.

Another thing to consider with the bed is the importance of a headboard. The more sturdy a head board you have the more it will hold the chi up next to your head. Likewise it’s important not to have a footboard that could block the flow of chi.

Still focusing on the bed it’s important to have a neat clutter free area beneath it. You want the elements to be able to flow. You don’t want to impede and cut the flow of chi around the bed.

If you have nightstands and dressers in the bedroom then you’ll want ones that have rounded corners. This lets chi flow around it. Sharp edges can cut chi rendering it ineffective. If you share your bedroom with a partner be sure to balance the furniture out with the number of people in the bedroom.

Finally you want to limit the use of mirrors in the bedroom. You don’t want anything that can reflect your image while you’re sleeping. Instead look to place mirrors near a dressing area away from the bed.

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