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You and your baby deserve the best when it comes to crib bedding. There are so many beautiful styles available and it doesn’t matter what your preferences are, there is bound to be a style that suits.

Just browse through this selection of crib bedding and you will see classic, traditional styles in solid colors right through to funky, contemporary styles and the ever popular jungle designs.

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Monkey Time

Gender Neutral Baby Crib Bedding Set – Monkey Time. An ideal crib bedding set for your little cheeky monkey. Machine Washable.

Whether you are having a new little addition to the family or are preparing for someone else’s new addition to their family, there are a lot of things that need to get done as a home prepares for a baby.

One of those things is making sure that baby has somewhere comfortable to sleep. While most families have a crib, they don’t always think about all the crib bedding they will need. One set is never enough. Consider that babies will cough up, diapers will leak and there are plenty of other messes to be made in that crib and you will see the importance of more than one crib bedding set to be in any home.

The Baby Crib Bedding Set Monkey Time 4 Piece Set is a perfect way to make sure you you have a cute looking, gender neutral crib bedding set ready for the new arrival.

This set includes a drop, bumper, crib skirt and quilt that are all in an adorable monkey pattern.

The colors in the set are neutral, so if you don’t know whether a boy or a girl is coming, you will still have a set that will do as yellow, purple and green work for any baby!

Since you know these will be getting dirty, the key to a good crib bedding set is ease of cleaning. This set fits the bill. Toss it in the washer and tumble dry on low heat and they are ready to go again.

What We Like

  • It is a gender-neutral set for those families that have chosen not to know the gender of their baby until it’s born.
  • It’s quick and easy to clean and get back on the crib.
  • Buying the bundle is an ideal way to get all the pieces you need in one package
Other Delightful Monkey Bedding Designs
# Melanie the Monkey4 piece crib bedding set by CoCo & Co.

  • Bumper
  • Dust Ruffle
  • Quilt/Coverlet
  • Fitted Sheet

Made from cotton, polyester.
Machine Washable

Available from

# Monkey Crib Bedding Set9 piece crib bedding set

  • Crib blanket
  • Valances
  • Drop skirt
  • Fitted crib sheet
  • Bumper
  • Diaper stacker
  • Toy bag
  • Pillow

Made from Cotton. Machine washable

Available from


Sea Quest Baby Infant Crib Nursery Bedding Set

BUY NOW while this set is on sale for the low price of $49.99 for all 10 pieces.

What a bargain

When it comes to baby crib sets, the Sea Quest Baby crib set takes the cake. Or perhaps we should say it takes the crab cake!

It’s a cute sea-themed addition for the toddler’s bedroom, and when you consider that there are 10 pieces included in the price that makes it excellent value.

This  set easily lets you put together an entire bedroom theme for your baby. It’s the perfect addition for the little sailor or marine biologist.

Some of the Sea Quest Baby Infant Crib Nursery Bedding Set features are:

  • Plush cotton sheets
  • Embroidered designs
  • Nautical designs above and below the sea
  • Hand stitched
  • Multi-textured

The  Sea Quest Baby  Crib set works great with any nursery wall theme. It works especially well with a light blue room that will draw the entire nautical theme together.

The set includes:

  • 1 Crib Quilt
  • 1 Crib Bumper
  • 1 Fitted Sheet
  • 1 Crib Skirt
  • 1 Diaper Stacker
  • 2 Window Valances
  • 1 Toy Bag
  • 1 Baby Pillow
  • 1 Baby Bib

If you have been looking for a baby crib set you know there aren’t very many units that have this high a quality at this low of a price. The Sea Quest Baby crib set has so many high-end details that it’s hard to fathom how it can be sold for this low of a price. To get hand stitched and embroidered baby bedding in a commercial product is almost unheard of.

It’s nice to see that there are companies out there that still pay such close attention to detail and quality while keeping it affordable.

Things We Like:

  • The price for the sea quest baby crib set
  • That is has soft, plush sheets
  • It is a fully integrated set that eliminates mixing and matching
  • It has a padded bumper lining
  • It is washing machine friendly

Moderno 4pc Crib Bedding Set

If you are looking for a totally modern look for your nursery then the Moderno 4 Piece Crib Set will certainly give you that look.

Beautifully custom made from high quality fabric in the USA.


The Moderno crib bedding set has neutral tones of black, white and grey with apple green trims. Just think of the fun you can have with this crib bedding which can be dressed up with a variety of accessories in any shade you can think of and it will look fabulous.

Toss a few scatter pillows in bright vibrant colors such as red and yellow and this set will even accessorize nicely with colorful wall posters of Mickey Mouse or Winnie the Pooh.

The Moderno crib bedding set is washable in cold water.

This set inlcudes:

  • bumper – 1 piece zipper bumper.
  • dust ruffle
  • blanket
  • sheet

The Moderno crib set is  also available as a 3 piece set.   Prices range from $545.

This set is currently unavailable

Shop for more beautiful Bebe Chic designs at





Delight your youngster with the

Cotton Tale Designs Pirates Cove 4 Piece Crib Bedding Set

CLICK HERE TO BUY or read more reviews

A modern, bright crib bedding set that will look great in the nursery. 

The comforter and bumper feature a combination of bold prints appliqued with cheeky looking pirates.

The black and white fitted crib sheet is made from 100% cotton making it easy to care for as it can simply be popped into the washing machine.

The 4 piece Pirates Cove crib bedding set includes:

  • Comfortecotton-tales-pirate-cove-decorator-lampr
  • Fitted crib sheet
  • Bumper
  • Crib skirt

And if you find yourself needing a little extra lighting in the nursery, then why not team the crib set with the cotton Tale  Pirates Cove lamp.

The red and white polka dot lamp shade matches the red and white polka dot fabric on the comforter and bedskirt.

The base features cutouts of the pirates with a palm tree.

The lamp takes a 40 watt standard bulb  and the shade clips directly onto light bulb.

Check out the range of  other Pirates Cove Accessories that coordinate beautifully with the Pirates Cove baby crib bedding set.



for the

Geenny Brown & Pink Crib Set


Geenny Brown & Blue Crib Set


Brown and pink and brown and blue are very popular colors for crib bedding, and the Geenny brown & pink and Geenny brown & blue , crib sets are a complete 13 piece bundle that has everything included

Made to fit all standard sized cribs and toddler beds, the set has everything you need to get you started.

The design features a moon and stars which is sewn on to the pieces, it is not printed on.

The set is machine washable making it easy for you to keep clean.

So what is included in the set:

  • Crib Quilt (36 x 45″)
  • brown-and-blue-star-and-moon-crib-beddingCrib Bumper (10 x 158″)
  • Fitted Crib Sheet (28 x 52″)
  • 2 Window Valances (16 x 58″)
  • Crib Skirt (28 x 52″)
  • Diaper Stacker
  • Toy Bag (14 x 20″)
  • 2 Decorative Accent Pillows (10 x 10″)
  • 3 Wall Art Decor Hangings

The set comes complete in zippered carry bag with a handle.

There are a number of additional accessories available including:

  • Musical Mobile
  • Lamp Shade
  • Extra Window Valance

All these pieces coordinate nicely together giving the nursery an all over look.

The luxurious, elegant and high class JoJo Designs 9-Piece Baby Designer Crib Bedding Set is a popular item with parents and grandparents alike, and the solid ratings reflect this. It’s mostly liked for its pretty, feminine qualities – without being frilly or lacy.

The biggest and most pleasant surprise for the majority of reviewers was that even though the tag states dry clean only, they did not encounter any problems washing it in the machine. Some have even put the bedding in the dryer with good results, and most seem to agree that the material is of fine quality. A few of the reviewers were disappointed that the set was dry clean only (which they did not realize when ordering), and instead of attempting to wash it, sent it back instead. This apparently could have been avoided, as far as the consensus goes.

However, instead of pink and brown shabby country chic as advertised, most reviewers agree this bedding set is more Asian inspired with a lot of gold coloring in it. Most saw this as an advantage as it allowed them flexibility with their nursery designs, but a few reviewers did not like the Asian vibe at all, because they did not expect it. The latter were unhappy that the picture did not reveal the amount of gold coloring it had in person.

All in all, while both sides mentioned the same facts about this set, the rating given depended on their overall outlook about this product and how well they could adapt to it. This JoJo design 9-piece set ranks a solid 4 out of 5 stars overall.

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We found the best price at Amazon

The American Baby Company 100% Organic Cotton Crib Set seems well liked and the rating ratio is 3:1 positive. However, reviewers from both sides aren’t sure it should be labeled organic.

The positive reviewers describe this crib set as soft, plush with a very comfortable feel to it. They also like the large size of the blankets, and one customer would buy this particular item if it were available as adult bedding.

Most everyone agreed this set was very reasonably priced. One reviewer liked the easy maintenance and that it was washable, and another commented favorably on the neutral shade. He expected the product to be darker, but was pleasantly surprised that it was not.

The most common concern was the question if this product should really be allowed to be advertised as organic, since it contains resin treated polyester.

Many reviewers (positive and negative alike) also had a problem with this product being made in China. While most customers could deal with these two issues because of the low price, they said they would not feel comfortable buying another. Only one customer sent the crib set back, and it was for this reason, not the quality of the product.

Another negative mentioned by a couple of people was that the color description was misleading and should be called tan instead of mocha. They thought the product would be much darker in person, and saw it as a negative that it was too light. One person had to improvise to make the bumper guard fit her crib.

Despite the assortment of negative comments, most reviewers thought the value of the product and the feel of the material outweighed their concerns. That is why this product ranks a solid 4 out of 5 stars overall.

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We found the best price at Amazon

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