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Martex Fleece Blanket

Fleece blankets are a great choice to keep you warm on a cold evening. They’re versatile soft and durable.  One of the great things about using a fleece blanket is you can keep the thermostat set at a lower temperature saving on heating costs.

Martex Super Soft Fleece Blankets are a great choice for the home.

They’re made from manmade material, polyester, so you get a great warm blanket that’s lightweight and easily stored once the temperature warms up.

These fleece blankets work great as a couch throw or a lightweight bedspread.

The Martex  Fleece Blankets are super smooth and soft against the skin. They feel great to just curl up in for an evening on the sofa reading a book.

These fleece blankets come in the standard sizes, from twin to king. You can find a blanket to fit any need from a kid’s room to the master bedroom. They come in multiple colors too, so matching them to a bedroom or living room décor theme is no challenge at all.

Unlike big bulky feather comforters that you have to take in to be dry-cleaned these fleece blankets can just be tossed into the washing machine and then into the dryer. They’re durable and can stand up to every day washing.

What We Like:

  • You get a lot of blanket at a low price. The Martex fleece blanket is an affordable bedding option. At this price you can afford to buy a few of them for use throughout the house.
  • The blankets are super warm for their weight. Since the blankets are made from polyester and not a natural material such as wool or cotton they trap and retain much more body heat.
  • We really like the versatility of the product line. Way too often we find a product that we like but it isn’t available in the color or size we want.  With the basic color themes and standard bedding sizes there’s no issue with matching it up to a bed or décor.



HoMedics Ortho Therapy Leg Spacer Support Pillow with Velour Cover


For some people, bedtime is less than a comfortable and relaxing time of day. Try as they might they are never able to be completely comfortable when they try to sleep. They wake up every day feeling tired and miserable and wish they could sleep like they were able to years ago.

Perhaps it’s back problems that make it hard to get comfortable and in the right position. It could be that they are pregnant and the changes in their body have caused discomfort when sleeping. Or perhaps you have had leg or knee surgery and are now having a tough time finding a comfortable position to sleep in. If you are one of these people, it doesn’t matter why you are uncomfortable, only that you are.

This is precisely why the HoMedics Ortho Therapy Leg Spacer Support Pillow with Velour cover was created. Designed with a contoured center, this pillow perfectly fits between the legs to help them rest together more comfortably.

The foam used in this pillow has been created to be just right for most bodies. While it will hold its shape well, it also is not so hard that it will be uncomfortable. It is still soft and comforting to use.

Whether you have back or knee troubles, this pillow can be put in a position to help your body alleviate such troubles and get a more comfortable and sound night’s sleep.

What We Like:

  • While other pillows lose their shape, the foam in this pillow keeps working to give relief.
  • The price is a good deal for being able to use this item to regain some of the sleep you have been missing.
  • It is made of durable material and will likely last for a good amount to use.

tri-core-orthopedic-standard-size-support-pillowThere are millions of people who have a tough time getting comfortable enough to get a good nights sleep, every night.

For many of them the problem is that their pillow is not giving them enough support. This is why the Tri-Core Orthopedic Standard Size Support Pillow was designed.

Made of anti-microbial, hypoallergenic fibers, this pillow has been made to be as ergonomically proper as possible.

Often the problem people have is that there pillow is not giving them enough support for the vertebrae in their neck.All night with too much pressure being on those vertebrae can have you waking up in pain.

This pillow is specifically created to be more supportive of your neck and head than other pillows on the market, by conforming to the curvature of this area of the body, to give you all the support you need to sleep soundly.

Another benefit of this pillow is that is often can have a secondary benefit – stopping snoring. For many people, the right support stops the airway obstruction that causes their snoring.

While many similar pillows that are made for a particular sleeping position, with this pillow you can sleep on your back or side.

When it comes time to clean, it doesn’t take much more than a hand wash and a little fluffing to make it seem like new again.

What We Like

  • It’s hypoallergenic, so perfect for those who have allergies.
  • It is very supportive and will give your neck the support it needs to not be trying to hold the weight of your head while you sleep.
  • This doesn’t just help avoid neck pain, but can also stop shoulder pain by making your shoulders feel better, as they are not supporting your neck.
  • It’s easy to clean and make like new again, a quick hand wash and fluff.

Other things to consider:

  • You may find that switching positions and getting comfortable again means you need to readjust the pillow.
  • If you are really sensitive to firmness, the edges of this pillow,  may feel too firm and even uncomfortable.

On the whole this pillow receives positive reviews on

CLICK HERE to buy or to read others reviews.




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Sunbeam Heated Throw

Imagine keeping warm and cozy while also doing some good and charitable deeds. You can do that with one purchase – the Sunbeam SlumberRest Camelot Microplush Heated Throw in Breast Cancer Awareness pink.

For each blanket that is sold, Sunbeam will donate $1 to the City of Hope, an organization that supports breast cancer awareness, research and treatment. They are willing to donate as much as $25,000 to the cause.

When it comes to the blanket itself, this heated throw measures 50 by 60 inches and has a 6-foot cord so you can move about and find a place to be comfortable. Unlike some heated throws that only have an on or off setting, this throw gives you three heat setting options so you can make sure you are comfortable. It also has a three-hour auto turn off switch. This is a safety mechanism so it will turn itself off if you happen to fall asleep with the blanket over you.

And while many electric blankets have to be carefully hand cleaned if anything is spilled on them, this one is a piece of cake. It has been constructed so you can take the throw part off and it can be tossed into the washing machine and cleaned.

What We Like

  • That a portion of the sale goes to charity to support breast cancer awareness and research.
  • The three settings let you fine-tune the heat so you are comfortable instead of turning it on and off all of the time.
  • The auto shut off safety setting gives you a little piece of mind.
  • The throw is machine washable for easy care and does not pill or shred
  • A ThremoFine Warming System that automatically responds to temperature changes in the body, bed or room
  • Luxuriously soft 100 percent polyester microplush fabric

bedding-pinzon-microtec-throwIf you are looking for an unbelievably plush throw to use on the bed or wrap around you while you watch TV, then one of the beautiful Pinzon Microtec throws is just what you need.

Nearly every single one of the reviews consumers have given for this throw is positive.  Most listed the softness of the fabric, the effectiveness of it to keep them warm and how comfortable it is to use as the main pros of this product. This covers nearly ninety one percent of the customers that reviewed the Pinzon Microtec Throw.

Others  commented about the affordability, and stated that the ease with which they were able purchase it online was a main factor in their decision to purchase.

The throw is lightweight and has a non static feel, which are two more points in its favor.

Most report that they use it for a throw for the back of the couch, to cover their lap to watch television, or even as a bed throw. The great majority of the consumer base reacted to the product in a positive way, saying it was warm and snuggly and they found themselves using it often.

Overall, customer reviews are positive, with several reviewers saying they would be purchasing one or more in addition to their original purchase. A four and five start rating across the board for this product.

You can read the reviews at where you can also purchase the Pinzon Microtec throw.

sharpay-plus-blanketMany consumers rave about the plush, soft feel and unusually fuzzy texture of the Sharpay Plush Fleece Bed Blanket and claim it is one of their favorite choices for their bed.

It seems like a wonderful blanket to use, as five out of six people rate it extremely high, stating that they can‘t get over just how soft and velvety the texture is. Other reviews specifically mention that the colors used are bright and true, and stand up to washing without losing their brightness – another plus when compared to similar products.

The throw isn’t as cheap as some others in its class, but most consumers claimed the value of the Sharpay Plush Fleece Bed Blanket made it worth the extra cost. The fuzziness of the product did bring in mixed reviews, but the majority of consumers loved the texture.

It is recommended that the blanket be washed before use to contain any shedding and remove any loose filaments.

Depending on the size that is bought, the blanket can be used as a simple throw on a couch or chair, or of course, as its intended use on the bed of the appropriate size.

Most of those reviewed use it as a bed throw, and approve of its weight and the extra warmth it gives. Even with the few who rated the blanket lower than a three because of the shedding, the rating is still a solid four point five stars.

You can read the reviews on

fairbault-mills-waffle-cotton-blanketThe Faribault Mills Waffle Weave  Cotton Blanket looks just like a huge waffle due to the unusual weave of the fabric. Consumer reviews reveal an overall satisfaction with the Waffle Weave Blanket, for many different reasons including warmth, versatility, affordability and durability.

Most consumers reviewed mentioned the blanket worked very well to increase the warmth of their bed (the weave creates small pockets which trap heated air if used between sheet and coverlet). The length and width also makes the blanket useful in a practical sense as it doesn’t come un-tucked or shift while in use on a bed.

Versatility between seasons is another topic brought up; it manages to keep consumers warm in just the right way no matter what the season.

There are some comments about the large amount of  lint that occurs a for the first few times the blanket is washed and dried, although this settles down after a few washes.

In general, almost everyone who rated the Faribault Mills Waffle Weave 100% Upland Cotton Blanket rated it at least a four or above. Only three consumers rated it below a four, making it a good, solid four point five stars.

You can read the reviews on

berkshire-softest-microloft-blanketVirtually a rainbow of colors is available when ordering the Berkshire Softest Microloft Blanket, and apparently the whole rainbow range  is very soft to the touch.

Most of the reviewers using this product state that  it lives up to its claim of  ’softest’ blanket, and added that it is thoroughly versatile as an all-season blanket. Users  like the fact that the range of colors was so broad, stating it was hard to find products with such a range of choices.

The blanket is designed to be equally appropriate for use in both summer and winter and this is supported by users who state they would be able to keep the blanket on their bed year round.

Another advantage that most all consumers were very pleased with is the fact that the Berkshire Softest Microloft Blanket doesn’t seem to pill up at all. The material stays intact and soft, even after repeated washings, and doesn’t shed or cause excess lint to build up.

There were a couple of comments from consumers who felt that the Berkshire Softest Microloft Blanket didn’t live up to the standards that they expected – that they did experience some pilling with their blankets, and that the material was not what they expected from the advertisements that prompted them to buy the product. This is a minority opinion, however —out of all the reviews, only three reviews have a three star rating or less.

Of the 19 people who reviewed the Berkshire Softest Microloft Blanket, at least eighty five percent of the reviews showed a very high four or five star rating, making the blanket a well reviewed product worth the money paid.

The blanket is available in the following sizes:

  • King
  • Full/Queen
  • Twin

And in the following beautiful colors:

  • Sage
  • Pink
  • Periwinkle
  • Charcoal
  • Linen
  • Cream

You can read the reviews at

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