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sunbeam-dynasty-retreat-quilted-fleece-pattern-heated-blanketAn electric blanket is a great way to save on heating costs during those cold winter nights. Why heat the entire house when an affordable electric blanket can keep you toasty warm instead? Here are some of the things to consider when buying an electric blanket.

Safety: Never buy a blanket that doesn’t have an Underwriters Laboratories (UL) tag. This tag means the blanket has passed rigorous testing and is safe for consumer use. It will be fire retardant as well as resistant to electrical shock. Your safety is the most important thing

Design: The type of blanket you choose is solely up to you. They come in all shapes and sizes with a myriad of features. If you have back problems, a mattress pad type might be just right for you. These go under the sheets and keep the bed itself warm. Another great way to save energy is to get an electric blanket that has an auto shut off feature. Once you drift off to sleep it turns itself off saving even more on energy costs. Another great feature is temperature control. Better model electric blankets will have a thermostat that allows you to control just how toasty you want to be.

Material: Electric blankets can be made of any material. If you want to stay super warm then wool is the right choice for you. If you just need something to take the chill off, look for cotton or flannel. An electric blanket can be found to match any bedroom décor

These are just a few things to consider when purchasing your new electric blanket. Whatever your choice you’ll be snuggled up warm and cozy on those long winter nights, and saving money on heating bills at the same time.

biddeford-heated-warming-blanketAvailable in a soft white color, the Biddeford heated electric blanket
reminds one of a cloud—soft, fluffy and a dream to have around.

It appears to offer just the right temperature to those who have had unsatisfactory experiences with other types of electric blanket. This seems to be due to the wide range of temperature settings – there are ten different levels, allowing for anyone to find the right comfort zone.

Reviewers weighed in from all over the country- from Florida, saying they had needed a blanket for those occasional nippy nights; to Upper Michigan, where it hits the negative single digits on a regular basis. This blanket seemed to work equally well no matter what the weather.

Many consumers stated they appreciated the cords on the Biddeford Heated Electric Blanket, as they are longer than many other electric blankets making it was easier to find the controllers in the middle of the night when they were looking for them.

If desired, the cords can be taken out of the blanket for more versatility, especially for those who choose to use it in warmer climates. Several said they do this in the summer, and keep the blanket on their bed. Most of those reviewed said they found no need to set the controller higher than a four or five, and that the blanket kept them perfectly warm.

None of the ratings was below a four for this product; those reviewed had nothing but positive comments and said they would recommend the product to others.

You can read the reviews on Amazon.com

The idea of an electric blanket appeals to many for several reasons ranging from jumping into a pre-warmed bed on a cold night to saving money by not running the furnace to heat the entire house all night.

However with media attention focused on the safety issues of electric blankets, such as fire or burn hazards and harmful electromagnetic radiation, many potential users are concerned about a possible danger.

The Soft Heat Electric Warming Blanket is marketed as the “The World’s Safest” Heated Warming Blanket and is a high-quality product even the most anxious of worry-warts will not loose sleep over.

As the only heated blanket in the United States certified by the Underwriters Laboratory (UL) as safe under 25 volts, Soft Heat Blankets use a special Safe-n-Warm technology to covert 120 volts AC into less that 14 – 18 volts DC.A UL rating is important in assessing the safety of a product, so rest assured that your well being is priority number one with this great product.

Made of super soft polyester, this Soft Heat blanket is snuggly to the touch and warms up to one of 11 heat settings within 15 minutes. The micro wires that conduct the heating are so small and unobtrusive that at first glance you may never realize this is an electric blanket.

I also love the 10-hour automatic shut-off feature (I’m forgetful in the morning) and the auto dimming light on the computerized controller (I sleep best in total darkness!).

The Twin and Full size blankets have one controller and the King and Queen size blankets have two controllers for the individualized sleep preferences of couples.

Easy to take care of, Soft Heat Blankets can be laundered in your household washing machine and tumbled dry without any negative affects.

Available in quite a palette of calming colors, you are sure to find a tone to go with your bedding linens.

Some users have reported that they didn’t get full coverage on their oversized, pillow-top style beds, so you may want to take exact measurements before ordering.

Where Can I Buy the Soft Heat Electric Warming Blanket, Micro Fleece – The World’s Safest Heated Warming Blanket?   Amazon.com

The Sunbeam Dynasty Retreat Quilted Fleece Pattern Heated Blanket is quite unique in that it has a pre-warm function so it can warm up cold sheets before you get into bed. Plus it has a smart-sense control which allows it to sense the temperature in the room and adjust accordingly so you won’t overheat overnight.

The digital back lit display allows you to see the display during the night so you won’t need to ever guess what the current setting might be or have to turn on the light to adjust the setting. There are an amazing 10 setting levels on this blanket so you can adjust the temperature to suit your preference.

As a safety feature the blanket has an auto-shut of after 10 hours. This also helps to save on energy costs if you happen to leave it on accidentally.

The blanket is made from a 100% polyester blend in a quilted fleece pattern and is machine washable.

The Sunbeam heated blanket comes in a variety of colors including olive, raisin, lagoon and seashell and is available in full, king, queen and twin.

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There’s nothing like snuggling up in front of the TV with a nice soft blanket on a cold winters night. What would be even better is if the blanket was heated.  Well with the Soft Heat Electric Warming Blanket you can have just that.

This blanket is considered to be one of the safest warming blankets on the market today. What it actually does is convert 12 volts AC into less than 14-18 volts DC. Its called the Safe-n-Warm System and ensures that you kept safe when using the blanket.

The blanket is made from a soft polyester and the heat within the blanket is generated by the use of micro wires which are woven throughout the blanket. They are so fine that they are virtually undetectable.

Amazingly enough, the blanket is fully machine washable and is dryer safe.

The blankets heat up in about 15 minutes and as an added safety feature will turn off automatically after 10 hours. It has an amazing 11 heat settings.

The blanket comes in a variety of colors including beige, slate, natural, chocolate and garnet. Sizes include Queen, King, Full and Twin.

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You can read reviews for the Soft Heat Electric Warming Blanket at Amazon


We found the best price at Amazon

the-best-electric-blanketThis electric blanket was declared to be The Best Queen Sized Electric Blanket by after having been subjected to rigorous testing of heating ability, safety, and durability by the Hammacher Schlemmer Institute

This rigorous testing means that you can be confident about using this low-voltage, machine-washable blanket that combines both safety and comfort which doesn’t have any of the stiff, bulky wires that are common in many traditional electric blankets.

The Best Queen Sized Electric Blanket can safely be machine washed and dried.  The Hammacher Schlemmer Institute found that the blanket showed no visible signs of piling or loose threads even after having been subjected to multiple laundering cycles.

The power converter uses 25 volts or less (most use 120 volts), making this is a safe blanket to use.

The wires are almost undetectable under the soft, hypoallergenic 100% fleece cover which means that the blanket makes for a comfortable sleep.

Both the queen and the king sized electric blankets have large, easy to read, dual controllers which automatically shut off after 10 hours.

Where Can I Buy the Best Queen Sized Electric Blanket?