angel-line-jenny-lind-collectionThis collection is no longer available as a set however the individual pieces can be found

Getting everything ready for the nursery can be a daunting process. But here with the Angel Line Collection you will be purchasing everything you will need.

This collection brings a classic look to your nursery. And the beauty of this wooden set is that you can dress it up with colorful bedding sets. Wood has a natural charm, it looks great and has a feeling of warmth.

The Angel Line  Collection 6 Piece Set includes:

  • A Crib
  • 150-Coil Crib Mattress
  • Cradle
  • Changing Table
  • High Chair
  • Rocking Chair

Features of The Angel Line  Collection:

  • The set has the traditional Jenny Lind turned spindle design
  • It is made from  solid Ramin hardwood
  • Crib features: Single dropside with heavy duty stabilizer bar. Four position mattress brackets. Large easy-roll casters with brake
  • Cradle features: There is a locking pin which will stabilize the cradle when it is not being used or when baby is sleeping. There is a reversible waterproof pad included
  • Changing Table features: The change table has two shelves with high guard rails. A reversible waterproof pad is included
  • Highchair features: There is a waist harness to keep your child safely in place

Where Can I Buy the Angel Line Jenny Lind Collection 6 Piece Set? NO longer available as a set – Individual Pieces are Available