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tri-core-orthopedic-standard-size-support-pillowThere are millions of people who have a tough time getting comfortable enough to get a good nights sleep, every night.

For many of them the problem is that their pillow is not giving them enough support. This is why the Tri-Core Orthopedic Standard Size Support Pillow was designed.

Made of anti-microbial, hypoallergenic fibers, this pillow has been made to be as ergonomically proper as possible.

Often the problem people have is that there pillow is not giving them enough support for the vertebrae in their neck.All night with too much pressure being on those vertebrae can have you waking up in pain.

This pillow is specifically created to be more supportive of your neck and head than other pillows on the market, by conforming to the curvature of this area of the body, to give you all the support you need to sleep soundly.

Another benefit of this pillow is that is often can have a secondary benefit – stopping snoring. For many people, the right support stops the airway obstruction that causes their snoring.

While many similar pillows that are made for a particular sleeping position, with this pillow you can sleep on your back or side.

When it comes time to clean, it doesn’t take much more than a hand wash and a little fluffing to make it seem like new again.

What We Like

  • It’s hypoallergenic, so perfect for those who have allergies.
  • It is very supportive and will give your neck the support it needs to not be trying to hold the weight of your head while you sleep.
  • This doesn’t just help avoid neck pain, but can also stop shoulder pain by making your shoulders feel better, as they are not supporting your neck.
  • It’s easy to clean and make like new again, a quick hand wash and fluff.

Other things to consider:

  • You may find that switching positions and getting comfortable again means you need to readjust the pillow.
  • If you are really sensitive to firmness, the edges of this pillow,  may feel too firm and even uncomfortable.

On the whole this pillow receives positive reviews on

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esy-teether-xl-rail-crib-for-convertible-cribsIf you have a baby who is in their teething years, you know that everything is fair game for those new teeth to be used on. This definitely includes your baby’s crib.

Most cribs come through teething looking like they have been in a war zone. It makes a lot of sense if you think about it. Your baby will spend a lot of time in his crib. When he starts teething, he will work those new teeth on anything that is hard, and the railing of the crib is a common sense choice for your baby.

Instead of letting your little one chew through the crib, the Easy Teether XL Crib Rail Cover for Convertible Cribs is a great way to allow your baby to do what comes naturally without chewing on the wood of the crib.  Unlike other covers, this cover attaches with Velcro and wraps all the way around the railing. That makes it secure so your baby can’t just pop the protective layer off. Thanks to the Velcro it is also easy to install and you will likely have it in place in just minutes.

Additionally, there are teether tabs attached to the rail cover, which means there are teethers right there, within baby’s reach to use instead of the railing of the crib.

When it comes to clean up, this teether can be tossed in the washing machine to clean.

What We Like

  • It’s easy to put on, just Velcro it in place and it holds snuggly.
  • It’s hard for baby to remove because the Velcro holds it in place very firmly.
  • It has a capability of hanging teethers and other toys from it, so your baby can always have their favorite toys and what they should be chewing on around.
  • It can be put in the washer and dryer to clean.

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Pike St Sheets - PlumHave you ever spent a weekend in a luxury resort and found yourself rolling around on the bed enjoying the feel of the sheets against your skin. What you are feeling is a high thread count that makes them feel so soft and luxurious. Now you can have your own luxury at home with the purchase of the Pike Street 1220-Thread Count Egyptian Cotton Sheet Set


The 1000 thread count of Egyptian cotton is what bedding is supposed to be, inviting and comforting, welcoming you to bed. If you know anything about bedding, you know the importance of a high thread count as well as the Egyptian cotton designation.

This sheet set has been created with all bed types in mind with an ability to fit up to an 18-inch mattress for those who can’t live without a nice pillow top. It also has elastic reinforcement all the way around the sheet to make sure it stays put once you put it on the bed.


What We Liked

  • These are at a great price for a sheet set of this thread count.
  • They are very soft sheets that will help you enjoy a good night’s sleep.
  • They are made to fit beds that are normal size or larger, pillow top mattresses.


Other Things to Consider:


  • The 1000 thread count is deceiving, as they don’t feel as luxurious as you may expect for this thread count but the are nice and heavy.
  • They are wrinkly, even right out of the dryer. You will have to iron these if  wrinkles bother you and you want them looking crisp.

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betty-dain-pillowcaseWhether you have long hair that you hate getting tangled up in the bedding at night or you have a love for a soft and satiny sleep at the end of the day, the Betty Dain Satin Pillowcase
may be the perfect thing to give you the night’s sleep you have been hoping for.

Constructed of supple satin this set of pillow cases will fit on your regular pillows to make them go from normal, scratchy and uncomfortable pillows to soft and satiny places to lay your head.

All the details were thought of when it came to these pillows, as they were not only made of soft satin, but also they have a zipper to keep them on your pillows. If you have used satin before you know how important it is to make sure you have a satin pillow that will not slide off during the night.

Additionally, the attention to detail continues with the zipper being a hidden zipper. By being hidden within the material the zipper will not end up grabbing a hold of your hair and pulling it out.


What We Like

  • It is a good price for two satin pillowcases.
  • They work to keep your hair from snagging on cotton weaves.
  • They’re easy to put on your pillow and the zipper keeps them in place.
  • The zipper is hidden so it does not end up pulling your hair.


Other things to consider:

  • These are a little baggy on standard pillows and a bit too snug for California king pillows.
  • Not high end satin but they are good value for the price.

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Are you are a mother to be and regularly finding yourself uncomfortable when you sleep?

Perhaps you toss and turn and try to get comfortable, but you feel that parts of you just aren’t supported as well as they should be. Well the Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow was developed to give you all the support and comfort you need at this time.

The Leachco full body pillow is a long pillow that you can put right up next to your body to offer support. It serves a number of purposes for pregnant women:

  • leachco-snoogle-total-body-pillow-3Back support
  • Belly support
  • Support helps to avoid heartburn
  • Nursing support after the baby is born

Additionally, this pillow comes with the added bonus that it can be easily cleaned. It comes with a polyester foam core and an outer pillow area that can be removed and washed to keep it clean.

What We Like

  • It’s a very firm pillow that can add a lot of support where you need it.
  • It can be twisted and adjusted to offer comfort all over.
  • It stays in place instead of constantly having to try and readjust a lot of individual pillows.

leachco-snoogle-total-body-pillowOther Things to Consider:

  • If you are not used to using very firm pillows this pillow may not be a good choice as it may take som time to get used to it.
  • It takes up a lot of the bed because of its size, so if you have a smaller bed or share a smaller bed with someone, it may not be ideal.

On the whole the Leachco Snoogle Total body pillow  is  well  liked by the majority of women who use it during their pregnancy.

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nautica-seagrove-olive-comforterThe dark olive green with khaki backing  of the Nautica Seagrove Olive Comforter is  a blend of  colors that is well suited to a masculine bedroom or to compliment a nautical themed room.

This comforter is even well suited for a younger boy’s room.

The comforter is designed to match other Nautica Seagrove items such as the pillow sham,  bed skirt and sheets  giving the room a coordinated look.

Made from one hundred percent cotton makes it easy to launder as it is machine washable.

Nautica  has an excellent reputation for their bedding products and the Nautica Seagrove Olive Comforter  is an excellent buy.

The comforter is available in twin, full/queen and king sizes.

Those  who reviewed the comforter said they were completely satisfied with  the color, quality and  the style.

Straight across the board, the Nautica Seagrove Olive Comforter has five star ratings.

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1200-thread-count-hungarian-goose-down-comforterIf you are looking for warmth during the cooler months you may want to consider the Royal Velvet Majestic Gold 1200-Thread-Count Hungarian White Goose Down Comforter.

Almost everyone who have purchased this comforter mentioned just how warm and comfortable it is.

Quite a few mentioned that they are cutting energy costs by being able to simply turn down the thermostat at night and sleep comfortably under what they consider to be a hotel quality comforter.

A few of the same reviewers even say they can open a window in the middle of winter, and don’t fight with bedmates over the covers anymore.

Most  think that the baffle box construction does a good job keeping the feathers evenly distributed  although some  found that their comforter continually lost its feathers and did not  hold its shape.  Even those who were unhappy with the loss of feathers decided to deal with the loss of down as the comforter is so warm and soft.

Several reviewers with past experience of feather down comforters said they automatically went ahead and put a duvet cover over the top of it to keep it cleaner anyway, so that the shedding issue wouldn’t come up at all. They also experienced no shifting of the feathers in the baffle boxes. The warranty on the comforter is only honored if it is kept in a duvet, as one reviewer pointed out, so using one is a good idea.

Overall, the four star rating this comforter gets seems deserved. All those who use it with the recommended duvet cover have nothing but good things to say, and the complaints about down escaping or feathers shifting to the edges are no more than for other comparable products.

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Opinions on the Serta 4-Pound Molded Memory Foam Pillow (standard shape) seem to fluctuate, along with the price, and this item ranks anywhere from 1 to 5 stars. The most constant observation seems to be that this item is firm instead of soft. Most saw this as a positive factor. The amount of support given was a good fit for nearly all those surveyed with only one exception.

The positive reviewers understood that 4 pounds means firm, and suggested to others who want a softer one, to go with a lighter version (2-3 pounds). These same reviewers also were satisfied with the level of comfort, and stated that despite the firmness it does not feel as hard as a brick when comparing it to other similar memory pillows. The best comments actually come from reviewers who purchased this item as gifts.

One thing the reviewers could agree on is that the new foam smell, which is customary for this type of product, does not linger too long. A couple of people had experience with other support serta-4pound-molded-memory-foam-pillowpillows, and preferred this one. Opinions however vary on the support issue. About half of the people said it offers enough support in the head and neck area, while the other half thought it did not.

The only negative reviewer expected this pillow to mold around her head and neck, which she said did not and even kept her from enjoying a good night’s rest.

However, even with opinions and reviews all over the board, this product still ranks solidly, with a combined average of 4 out of 5 stars.

Features of the Serta Molded Memory Foam Pillow:

  • This pillow is designed with comfort and luxury in mind
  • Molded in a traditional shape, this pillow is designed to support your head no matter what your sleeping style
  • Memory foam responds the individual’s body heat and weight to minimize pressure points and provide additional support.
  • The  zippered velor cover gives the final touch of luxury, and it can be removed for easy cleaning
  • The Hypoallergenic and Anti-Microbial formulation promotes a healthy night’s sleep

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