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If it gets cold where you live then chances are you already know how great flannel sheets are for taking the chill out of the coldest of winter nights. Simply put, flannel feels different. When you slip under the covers at the end of the day you’re immediately cocooned in a nice warm bed. You don’t have any of that nasty sheet shock waiting for the bed to warm up.

Not only is flannel always warm to the touch but a quality flannel sheet set can help cut your electric bills. By snuggling up in a set of flannel sheets you can turn the thermostat way down saving lots of money on home heating.

There are all sorts of flannel imitators out there but the most important thing to know is that flannel needs to be made out of cotton, and  the heavier the better. Also look for pill resistant flannel. You will find that most good quality sets such as Pinzon flannel sheets, are pill resistant.

All natural cotton fiber means you don’t have to worry about adverse reactions from any harsh synthetic materials. It’s perfect for those with sensitive skin.

Flannel sheets are available in a variety of colors and patterns so there is bound to be a design to fit your bedroom decor.

Flat flannel sheets can be multifunctional, you can use it as a blanket by itself when curling up on the couch.

The Pinzon Printed Flannel Queen Sheet Sets have received over 96% positive reviews from its buyers online. The reviews name warmth, comfort and durability as the top attributes to these flannel sheets, which is what anyone might hope for from a quality sheet set.

Most customers said warmth was the best aspect of this sheet set. They have found that even in cold winter months they stay warm when sleeping on these sheets. Even with the thermostat turned down, they had a satisfying night’s sleep, insulated from the chill.

The quality of this flannel sheet set was also mentioned frequently throughout the reviews. Customers experienced very little pilling after washing the sheets, and the color, appearance, and size of the sheets held up to repeated laundering. The softness of the sheets actually improved when washed, and many customers reported that these flannel sheets felt much softer than other flannel sheet sets they had tried in the past.

Some customers used these sheets on pillow top mattresses and with mattress pads. The size of the pockets on the sheets accommodated these thick mattresses with room to spare. Customers also attested to minimal shifting while they slept. These sheets also worked well on children’s beds, as they reported no discomfort while using them.

Coming in at less than $50, the Pinzon-160 Gram Flannel Sheet Set has been a good bedding investment for many customers. Overall, purchasers of this sheet set have been surprised by the high quality, enduring comfort, and overall pleasantness of their sleep since using this product.

These lovely looking, cuddly cozy,  Pinzon Queen Sized Flannel Sheet Sets are available in the brick floral color shown and also in black floral and orchid floral.

Where Can I Read the Reviews & Buy Pinzon-160 Gram Printed Flannel Sheet Sets?

The warmth of flannel sheets is very evident with the Pike Street 135 Gram Printed Flannel Sheet Set.

Available in a variety of sizes and patterns, these flannel sheets are reported to bring a luxuriously warm night’s sleep regardless of the weather.

Flannel is a very warm material, which will keep you toasty in winter weather.

Most customers found these sheets to be warmer than typical cotton sheets; some complained that it made them sweaty and uncomfortable, but they were in the minority. The weight of these sheets was generally viewed as not too heavy, and many customers were pleasantly surprised by how lightweight they are while still keeping them cozy warm.

There have been reports of minor pilling after a few washes. However, even with this small amount of wear, these flannel sheets maintain their strength and durability for years to come. Some found that the flannel sheets were not as soft as their old cotton sheets to start with, yet with a few washings the softness increased and the sheets became more comfortable.

Know the advantages and disadvantages of flannel before making your purchase. The minimal wear, low weight, and increased warmth of these sheets have provided many people with a comfortable night’s rest in the colder months.

The sheets come in a few fun patterns, as noted by reviewers. They appear to work well in either gender’s bedroom, and have also been found suitable for use in guest bedrooms. The pricing is no more expensive than many cotton sheet sets, and in some cases is considerably cheaper.

Buy Now – Warm Pike Street Flannel Sheets in a Range of Great Designs?

Flannel sheets are a godsend in winter. They are cozy, warm and soft and make going to bed on a cold winter’s night a joy.

Black is always a dramatic color to use in the bedroom but sometimes it can be a bit extreme using all black sheets.

The alternative is mixing the black with white like this Pinzon-160 Gram Printed Flannel Sheet Set. It’s unusual to find a set of sheets in a floral black color but Pinzon have done the job nicely.

These sheets are pre-washed which ensures the fabric doesn’t shrink and has been brushed for a soft smooth feel.

The set is fully machine washable and dryer safe.

What’s Included

  • 1 fitted sheet
  • 1 flat sheet
  • 1 pillowcase

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You can read reviews for the Pinzon Black and White Floral Flannel Sheet Set at Amazon


We found the best price at Amazon

It’s not often you find a product on Amazon with an average 5 star consumer rating but the Pinzon 190 Gram Velvet Flannel Sheet Set has done it. Consumers love the softness of the sheets, the fact that they don’t pill or thin and how luxurious they feel.

This sheet set is made from 100% velvet cotton and are double napped on both sides. This ensures that the sheets are soft and also reduces pilling.

The fitted sheet fits a mattress that is 18 inches deep and the whole sheet set is machine washable.

These sheets will keep you warm and cozy in winter and you will love slipping into bed at night.

What’s Included

  • 1 flat sheet
  • 1 fitted sheet
  • 2 standard pillow cases

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We found the best price at Amazon

kiddopotomaus-swaddle-me-baby-blanketThe Kiddopotamus SwaddleMe Microfleece gives you a simple way to swaddle your baby with its soft fabric wings that hug your baby close.

The leg pouch pops down for quick diaper changes while keeping your baby comfortably swaddled. And as your  baby grows, the wings adjust to so that your baby is kept comfortable.

Pediatricians recommend swaddling as a way to soothe and comfort your newborn and reduce symptoms of colic.

Research shows that swaddling may help reduce the risk of SIDS and help babies to sleep better throught the night.

When your baby is comfortably wrapped in the Kiddopotamous SwaddleMe you will find that baby doesn’t suffer as often from the startle reflex which tends to make baby wake suddenly and start crying.

Loose blankets do not stay securely in place and the SwaddleMe gives you the simplest, most effective way to wrap your  newborn. And here is how it works.

The Kiddopotamous SwaddleMe Fleece comes in the following sizes :

  • PREEMIE 3-7 pounds
  • SMALL 7-14 pounds
  • LARGE 15-22 pounds

You can do your bit to help the fight against SIDs as a percentage of each SwaddleMe® sold is donated to the First Candle/SIDS Alliance to help babies survive and thrive.


With the cooler months now upon us it’s time to bring out those flannel sheets.

There is nothing like flannel to make the bed seem that much warmer and cozier and you don’t have to feel like you are jumping into a cold bed like you would with cotton sheets.

The Pike Street 135 Gram Printed Flannel Sheet Set comes in a variety of colors, patterns and sizes to suit any taste.

The patterns include Swiss Bliss (pictured), English Garden, Songbirds, Baby Bear, Princesses and Winter Lodge. Sizes include full, twin, queen and king.

What’s Included

  • fitted sheet
  • flat sheet
  • 2 standard pillowcases

Made from 100% cotton, these sheets are machine washable and dryer safe.

The fitted sheet will suit mattresses up to 15 inches thick. You can also match these sheets with a duvet which is sold separately.

Want to Read Reviews?

You can read reviews for the Pike Street Printed Flannel Sheet Set at Amazon


We found the best price at Amazon

sage-creek-organics-jersey-sheet-setThere are many reasons why buying organic sheets is both good for you and good for the environment.

Because these  Sage Creek 100% organic cotton sheets are knitted instead of being woven they do not have a thread count. However Organic jersey fabric is double enzyme washed so the fabric feels soft and is gentle against your skin.

Sage Creek organic jersey sheets can be machine washed in cold water and tumble dried on low.

This organic jersey sheet set includes:

  • Flat twin sheet 66″ X 96″
  • Fitted twin sheet 39″ X 75″ with 15″ deep pockets
  • One standard pillowcase 20” X 30”.

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Where Can I Buy Sage Creek Organic Jersey Sheets?

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