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When we were growing up, the Transformers were huge. Maybe you remember collecting as many toys as you could with my meager allowance. Whether you were more attracted to the Decepticons or the Autobots didn’t matter, you had to have them all.

Today, it’s been really fun to see the concept reincarnated. The Transformers really are a multi-generational show. The toys and marketing items that the new movies are producing run the whole gamut from action figures to sheets.

This brings us to the Transformer Bedding . Not only will the kid in you like it, but your real kids will love it too.

The Transformers are the biggest thing to come along since GI Joe and Star Wars.

With the release of the Transformers movie and its sequel coming up it’s a big hit with children these days.  Chances are your child is going to want a set of them. So you might as well do your research now. The sheets will make a great Christmas or Birthday gift for your child.

The Transformers Sheet Sets enerally  include:

  • Fitted sheet
  • Flat sheet
  • Pillow Sham

Since these sets are generally made for a child’s bedroom they usually come in the twin bedding size, the most common bed size for children. Of course some adults, myself included wish that they came in other sizes, but I guess you have to leave childhood behind sometime.

Most bedding made for children is washer and dryer friendly making cleaning it a complete snap.

There are also a number of other Transformers Sheet Set designs available that your kids will just love.

1200 TC Egyptian CottonThread count is one of the most important measures to look for when choosing luxury sheets.

Simply put, the higher the thread count the more luxurious the sheet. Most budget hotels and simple department store sheets come in at a 200-300 thread count. They are a little stiff and kind of scratchy.

Although thread count is important, there is also another important factor to look at and that is the length of the cotton fibers themselves.

The highest quality cotton usually has the longest fibers. Egyptian cotton is renowned for being of the highest quality. That’s why we were so thrilled with this 1200 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton sheet set.

1200 Thread Count equals luxury. You’ll feel the difference the first time you use them.

As we have mentioned on a number of occasions Egyptian cotton is high quality. It has one of the longest lengths of fiber, referred to as the staple. What you get is a tightly woven sheet set made of soft supple Egyptian cotton. You get the best of both worlds.

What is even better is that these sheets get softer with use. The more times they get washed, the softer they feel. Not too many durable goods improve with age. These sheets are the exception to the rule.

Sheet Set Facts:

  • This sheet set comes in all standard bedding sizes from twin through king.
  • It includes a flat sheet, a fitted sheet, and two pillow cases.
  • This set comes in a standard white color making it easy to fit into almost any bedroom décor.

What We Like:

  • A set of high thread count Egyptian cotton sheets at this price is almost unbelievable. We’ve seen less quality units at department stores selling for almost twice this price.
  • They’re easy to care for. Just throw in the washing machine using cold water and warm tumble dry.
  • The obvious: how soft and luxuriant a high thread count Egyptian cotton sheet feels.

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Pike St Sheets - PlumHave you ever spent a weekend in a luxury resort and found yourself rolling around on the bed enjoying the feel of the sheets against your skin. What you are feeling is a high thread count that makes them feel so soft and luxurious. Now you can have your own luxury at home with the purchase of the Pike Street 1220-Thread Count Egyptian Cotton Sheet Set


The 1000 thread count of Egyptian cotton is what bedding is supposed to be, inviting and comforting, welcoming you to bed. If you know anything about bedding, you know the importance of a high thread count as well as the Egyptian cotton designation.

This sheet set has been created with all bed types in mind with an ability to fit up to an 18-inch mattress for those who can’t live without a nice pillow top. It also has elastic reinforcement all the way around the sheet to make sure it stays put once you put it on the bed.


What We Liked

  • These are at a great price for a sheet set of this thread count.
  • They are very soft sheets that will help you enjoy a good night’s sleep.
  • They are made to fit beds that are normal size or larger, pillow top mattresses.


Other Things to Consider:


  • The 1000 thread count is deceiving, as they don’t feel as luxurious as you may expect for this thread count but the are nice and heavy.
  • They are wrinkly, even right out of the dryer. You will have to iron these if  wrinkles bother you and you want them looking crisp.

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regal-300-thread-count-zebra-print-sheet-setEvery bed needs sheets on it. Of course there are all sorts of options to choose from. You can go from a conservative single tone up through the funkiest print pattern imaginable. Thread count refers to how soft and comfy the sheets are. Again you can go from an institutional low thread count like those found in a hospital or budget hotel, up through ultra soft 1600 thread count sheets.

And if your taste runs to animal print designs you can add a touch of class, style, and comfort to your bedroom with this Regal 300 Thread-Count Zebra Print Sheet Set.

Thread Count: Thread count is a good indicator of quality. These 300 thread count sheets are a good fit for any home. They provide the soft feel of high quality bedding but at a much lower price. Plus 300 count sheets are durable. You don’t have to worry about them shredding in the washing machine.

Zebra Print: Zebra print bedding is a great decorating option.  It coordinates well with a variety of room themes and looks great when coordinated with accessories in bright, bold primary colors such as yellow, green and brilliant red. The contrast of a zebra print really makes a bed pop when the comforter or duvet is turned down.

What We Like:

  • The Zebra print 300-thread count sheet set is made out of 100% cotton so it breathes easy. You won’t be sweltering under the covers on a steamy summer night. Cotton is machine washable too you won’t have to worry about taking the sheet out for cleaning.
  • These sheets are rugged yet soft. They stand up to repeated washings and will last for years to come with out the pattern fading and blending together.
  • The price for this sheet set makes it an affordable way to bring quality and luxury into the house. Most print sets we’ve seen command a much higher price. These are a bargain.

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Looking to add a tropical look to your bedroom. Then  the Croscill Brazil Sheet Set will have you imaging that you can hear the call of the Toucan in the treetops.

This attractive set from Croscill depicts the beauty of the Brazilian tropics.

The flat sheet is tan with tone on tone print and features a 5 inch printed band of palm leaves and hibiscus flowers on a chocolate background.

The fabric is soft 300 thread count, 100% cotton sateen.

The fitted sheet deep corners and elastic on all sides which gives you a secure fit on mattresses up to 18 inches in thickness.

The  sheet set is available in King, Queen and Cal King sizes.

Included in the sheet sets are:

King  Size Sheet  Set:

  • 1 king flat sheet measuring 108″ x 102″
  • 1 king fitted sheet 78″ x 80″
  • 2 king pillow cases each measuring 21″ x 40″

Queen Size Sheet Set:

  • 1 queen flat sheet measuring 90″ x 102″
  • 1 queen fitted sheet measuring 60″ x 80″
  • 2 queen pillow cases each measuring 21″ x 30″

Cal. King  Size Sheet  Set:

  • 1 cal. king flat sheet measuring 108″ x 102″
  • 1 cal. king fitted sheet 72″ x 84″
  • 2 cal. king pillow cases each measuring 21″ x 40″

croscill-brazil-comforter-setThe Croscill  Brazil Comforter Set:

The Croscill Brazil Comforter Set is also available in King, Cal King and Queen sizes and all feature a tropical floral design on the face and on the reverse is a printed stripe in coordinating colors.  The comforters are overstuffed and have a 3/8″ trimming in a multi color twisted cord.

The set comes with a tailored bed skirt in the same coordinating vertical stripe as shown on the reverse of  the comforter. The cotton/polyester bed skirt has an 18″ drop and has split corners.

Each set includes 2  standard pillow shams featuring the same  tropical floral as  the front of the  comforter, on one side, and the coordinating stripe on the reverse. They also feacture a 2 inch flange and a 3/8 inch multi color twist cord on the edge of the sham. There is a 4 button closure on the pillow shams.

The comforter sets are made of polyester and polyester/cotton blend and it is recommended that to keep your set in tip top condition that you only have it dry cleaned.

The King Comforter Set includes:
  • Comforter measuring 110″ x 96″
  • Bold striped tailored bed skirt with 18-inch drop and split-corner construction
  • 2 pillow shams measuring 37″ x 21″

The Queen Comforter Set includes:

  • Comforter measuring 92″ x96″
  • Bold striped tailored bed skirt with 18-inch drop and split-corner construction
  • 2 pillow shams measuring 27″ x 21″

The Cal. King Comforter Set includes:

  • Comforter measuring 110″ x 96″
  • Bold striped tailored bed skirt with 18-inch drop; and split-corner construction
  • 2 pillow shams measuring 37-by-21-inch

And why not complete the look with beautiful coordinating designer pillows.

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my-littel-pony-reversible-comforterAn absolute delight for the younger set is the My Little Pony – Reversible Comforter.

Totally appealing to young girls, the My Little Pony Comforter design is in bright purples with the my little pony brigade on the face of the comforter.

The comforter fabric is made from 100% soft polyester microfiber which makes it easy to care for, you can simply toss it in the washing machine and the dryer.

The My Little Pony Comforter measures 72″ x 86″.

So if you are looking for a cute comforter for the young, My Little Pony fan in your family, this comforter is one that you will both fall in love with. She will love the cute ponies and bright colors and you will love the easy care fabric.

You can coordinate the comforter with the ‘My Little Pony – Sheet Set’.my-little-pony-sheet-set

Featuring ponies in assorted colours on a white background, this sheet set is made from 100% polyester so it is also easy care as it can be both machine washed and popped in the dryer.

The Sheet set includes:

  • 1 flat sheet
  • 1 fitted sheet
  • 1 reversible pillowcase measuring 20″ x 30

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my-little-pony-sheet-setThe My Little Pony Sheet Set really appeals to little girls, according to parents and grandparents who have provided reviews.

Although the family members who bought these sheets did not always consider the sheet set to be of the highest possible quality, the children had a great night’s sleep anyway.

You can read the reviews and buy the My Little Pony Sheet Set at My Little Pony Sheet Set

The ponies on this sheet set are beautifully portrayed.

And as the pillowcase offers a different pony on each side, the the girls can choose to sleep on the whichever side of the pillow shows their favorite pony.

Features of the My Little Pony Sheet Set:

  • Mix pink and lavender pastel hues with an underlying print of floating butterflies
  • Pony illustration on the pillowcase with name of pony at the top
  • Made of 55 percent cotton, 45 percent polyester
  • Machine washable for easy care

The twin sized sheet set includes:

  • one fitted sheet
  • one flat sheet
  • one pillowcase

A few customers noted that the sheets  slightly stiff at first, but they quickly softened after a few washes. Most of the children did not notice this discomfort; however, sensitive children may be uncomfortable the first few times these sheets are used. One parent noted that her child complained they were itchy until she had washed them twice.

These sheets also fit well on even very deep mattresses which is ideal if your child tosses and turns throughout the night, as the sheets firmly stay in place.

Overall, these sheets are a reviewed favorably, and said to be a solid investment if your child loves My Little Pony. The bright colors and great pictures will bring out the imagination of your child, as they drift off to sleep.

The My Little Pony Sheet Set is recommended by over half of consumers who bought it. Weighing in at four stars, there are very few complaints about this lively sheet set.

You can read the reviews and purchase the My Little Pony sheet set at

pike-st-510-count-sheet-setIf you are looking to redo your bed to make it feel softer and look more welcoming at the end of the day you may be looking for the Pike Street 510-Thread Count 100% Cotton Sateen Sheet Set.

This set is a four-piece set that includes:

  • 1 Flat Sheet
  • 1 Fitted Sheet
  • 2 Pillowcases.

Made of 100% cotton sateen, these sheets offer you a feel of luxury each time you lay down.

With the new types of mattresses on the market today, many worry if the sheets they are buying will fit their mattress. This set is made to fit a mattress up to 18 inches thick, which will cover almost all thick and pillow top mattresses on the market.

Another concern about many sheet sets is whether or not they will shrink with washing. As long as you follow the directions for washing on this set you should not have any problem with shrinkage and you will know they will continue to fit for a long time to come.

What We Like:

They hold their shape and size after a number of washings with less shrinkage than you usually see.

The high thread count is evident, as these feel great to the touch.

They have been designed to even fit well over larger and thicker mattresses with pillow tops (up to 18 inches).

You can read the reviews and pick up a set for your bedroom from

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