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water-bed-sheetsThose of you who enjoy the comfort of a water bed will be happy to know that sheets are available online, in an extensive range of colors and patterns. Waterbed Sheets are available at discount prices which doesn’t mean that you are skimping on quality or size.

Sheets that are designed specifically for waterbeds, generally have a generous cut so they will fit any wooden or soft sided bed.

Shop online for sheets in cotton, cotton/polyester and satin and there is a huge range available in all colors and patterns such as animal prints, bold patterns, solids and pastels.

There is nothing more appealing than slipping in between fresh new sheets on your waterbed.

The beauty of shopping online means that you can take time over your selection and your goods are delivered right to your door.

zebra-stripe-waterbed-sheetsSinking down into a warm, soft waterbed at night is an unparalleled luxury for many people.  But before you go out to buy a new bed, you should have a good overview of the choices you will face.  Here are some tips on how to choose a waterbed, to ensure that you spend your hard-earned money on a bed that will feel great for years to come.

Size and Shape

As with any kind of mattress, deciding the size you want is the first step in picking a waterbed.  Water mattresses come in a full range of bedding sizes, from twin to king.  You can also choose an unusual shape, such as a round mattress, to give your bedroom a unique look.

To Wave, or Not to Wave

Some people enjoy the gentle rocking motion of water beneath them, while others find it very distracting, especially if it is a spouse or significant other whose motions are sending waves through the bed.  Luckily you have three choices to determine the level of motion in your water mattress:  waveless, semi-waveless, and full motion.

Hard frame, Soft Frame, or Soft Tube

The original waterbed design included a hard wooden frame which held the inner water mattress inside of it, as well as a plastic liner to catch leaks.  The hard frame sometimes made it difficult to get out of the waterbed, and could be unpleasant if hit unintentionally with a hand or knee.

More modern soft frames alleviate this problem while allowing waterbeds to be used with any bed frame.  Some soft frames are designed to hold long water-filled tubes instead of one single water mattress, which reduces waves and increases support.

Dual Waterbeds

Some waterbeds allow adjustment on each side, so that each partner can have the support and firmness that best appeals to him or her.  If you and your partner disagree on the perfect firmness for a bed, then this is the type of mattress for you.